10 Tips For Sorting Laundry

Follow these 10 tips for sorting laundry to alleviate stress when sifting or locating washed clothes. It's easier than you can imagine; it all comes down to organization. Follow this easy step-by-step guide and life should be much easier when it comes to the task of laundry detail. Ever try to dig through drawers searching for a matching sock or wonder where did your shirt disappeared? After dumping the finished laundry into drawers, things tend to get lost and it takes twice as long to find what you are looking for than it takes to sort your laundry to begin with.

Items needed:

  • Hangers
  • Three laundry baskets
  • Folding table
  1. Sorting by separating. When washing clothes, separate whites, darks, colors and clothes that require hanging before tossing them into a machine. There's a method to what some guys call madness. Have a laundry basket ready for the quick toss out of the dryer and hangers available for clothes that requires them.
  2. Whites. Toss the whites into one basket and continue with the next load. Once the whites are in the basket, fold them. Fold them straight out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles. If the whites dry while bundled inside of a basket, there's a good chance you may have to break out that iron.
  3. Socks. When you run into a sock or two that match, place the pair next to each other and fold over the tops to keep them together and place them to the side.  Once all matches are accounted for the socks should be placed on one side of the basket after placing all of the other whites inside. 
  4. Underwear or undergarments. Where would your underwear or undergarments go? On the other side of the basket. This way when you get ready to put each item of clothing into your dresser they'll be easy to find since they pre-sorted.
  5. Darks and colors. Darks and colors should be completed in the same way as step two, but do not use bleach on anything clothing that has color.
  6. Hang it up. Time to wash the clothes that requires hanging. Once those items are removed from the washer or dryer, depending upon your preference, hang the clothes straight into the closet or another place, such as a bathroom, to allow drying time. This way you can avoid wrinkles.
  7. Iron-free pleated pants. When folding pants that may require ironing, try only folding them at their pleats. Work the hanger up from the bottom up until you reach the middle and lift the pants gently. Once the hanger is upright check the edges and pleat. Once satisfactory, hang it up.
  8. Silk shirts. When an article of clothing must be hung but not dried, such as silk shirt, follow the step number seven.
  9. Final destination. There are two ways to complete your laundry. Either put the clothes away as soon as they leave the dryer or place them inside of a basket until all of the clothes are done drying before putting them away. 
  10. Mission accomplished. Time to open the drawers. Do not allow laziness to attack you in the middle of putting laundry away. Make sure the clothes are placed in their respective spots.
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