10 Tips For Travel In Chile

10 tips for travel in Chile is helpful for  the first time traveler to the Republic of Chile. Located in South America, Chile is known for stunning landscapes, tranquil lifestyle, and the beauty of a diverse and indigenous population. With so much to see in Chile, the lakes, deserts, national parks, and mountains, become a must for hikers and explorers. Ten tips for travel in Chile can provide a quick boost to the traveler ready to experience the adventure of  all that Chile has to offer.

  1. Documentation is an important item listed on 10 tips for travel in Chile. Passports must be in order and up to date and in good condition. Additionally the Chilean government requires a Tourist Card for a visit for up to 90 days.
  2. The type of baggage is a helpful tip in the ten tips for travel in Chile.  The most popular for travel in Chile is the backpack.  Pack light, allow twenty pounds maximum for essentials including shopping, and invest in a waterproofed back pack to ensure items inside remain dry.  
  3. Finding a good flight qualifies as good tip for travel in Chile. Be flexible if possible. Cheaper to fly mid-week and on other off-peak times such as early morning or late night. Use the smaller Chilean airports rather than the bigger well-known ones as it can cut down costs. Using alternative routes as well as other discounts student,frequent flier can also help economize. 
  4. Accommodations are an important tip in the ten tips for travel in Chile. Youth hostels usually have good deals. Staying with a family as part of a language class is also a great way to economize while learning first hand about family life in Chile. Meals are usually included with a family stay.
  5. Picking a travel group can be a helpful tip in the ten tips of travel in Chile. Determine on what your interests are, and ensure the guides that are hired are reputable, physically fit ,with knowledge of CPR.
  6. Safety is a must on the ten tips of travel in Chile. Wear money of the inside of clothing. Leave valuables at home. Do not even pack them. Stay in well lit areas at night . Travel with a buddy or in groups .Check in  with the US Embassy for any alerts.
  7.  The type of food to eat and awareness of street food is crucial as a tip for travel in Chile. To forestall illness, drink bottled water, and be watchful of consuming street food. Make sure the vendor has meats and eggs in a refrigerated area,and  that the shellfish is not left sitting out and that the cooking and serving areas are clean.
  8. Dating in Chile while traveling can be a fun tip on the ten tips of travel. Make sure to go out in a public place. Do have fun with your date,but keep the money in private place  and stick to low cost dates in the beginning to avoid potential scams.
  9. Transportation in Chile is a great tip to have while traveling throughout the country.  For land travel with taxis, always check with a few taxis to ensure the best rate and don't  be afraid to bargain.
  10. Clothing is an important tip for travel in Chile. A lightweight rain jacket or poncho is important for the rainy season. Shorts for the desert and hats to shade from the sun along with sunscreen and insect repellent are important. Boots for hiking  and windbreakers for warm nights. Add a  swimsuit, and sweater.  Bring along a one dressy item for dancing and clubbing.            
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