10 Tips For Travel In Colombia

Thinking about traveling to Colombia and want to know 10 tips for travel in Colombia before you fly off to paradise? Look no further for travel tips since you have found 10 Colombia travel tips. Before we get started on the tips, we would like to say enjoy your flight and have a nice vacation in Colombia!

  1. One Colombia Peso is worth 0.0005 U.S dollar. Make sure that you've exchange all your Colombia money when you leave Colombia unless you want to pay your bank a fee to exchange the money back into U.S dollars.

  2. Keep a low profile while you are in Colombia. Do not pay attention to the drug trades. If you happen to cause them trouble, you will be shot or be taken to jail.

  3. Ice cream is everywhere in Colombia. Just be aware that the ice cream in Colombia is not the same type of ice cream in the United States. Instead, it is just ice with food coloring on top of the ice to give it some flavor.

  4. Do not pack winter clothes. If you decide to pack winter clothes, you are going to be spending more on this vacation because once you get to Colombia, it is going to be so hot you wish you never brought your jacket with you.

  5. Do not visit between December and January. You are going on a vacation, so why go during the tourist months? Go when no one is going there. Granted, some of the tourist attractions maybe closed but isn’t the whole point of a vacation is to get away from people?

  6. Since Spanish is spoken throughout Colombia, here as some phrases you should know before visiting there. The phrases are: Yes = si, no = no, hello = hola, please = por favor, thank you = gracias, do you speak English = usted habla inglés.

  7. Check your bill before you leave restaurants. You should be charged a 10 percent gratuity. If that was not included on your bill, make sure you include that when you are paying for things. It is against the law not to pay a gratuity bill.

  8. For those of you who are concerned about what type of food Colombians eat, here are some examples. The examples are: ajiaco, a chicken, avocado and potato soup, the multi-toppinged tortilla called arepa and tinto.

  9. The time zone of Colombia is UTC-5. Make sure you tell all your friends and family that so you do not get phone calls/ text messages when you are trying to sleep at night.

  10. Make sure you bring a power converter so you can charge your electronics. Power converters can be purchased at your local travel store with prices raging from 30 to even 100 dollars.

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