10 Tips For Travel In Croatia

Here are 10 tips for traveling in Croatia for not only after you get there, but also before you leave. Traveling abroad is an adventure that everyone should enjoy at some point. Croatia is a beautiful place to visit, but you should always be prepared.

  1. Weather. Different areas of Croatia have different climates and weather. One of the best months to visit is September. The weather is warm and it is not as crowded as during the summer. The coastal areas are warm all year round, but tend to be very hot in the summer. It is also very wet in the winter. Inland areas of Croatia are warm in the summer months, wet in the winter and can get very cold at night.
  2. Language. The language spoken in Croatia is unique to the area. It is called Croatian and it has three different dialects. English is spoken in most main tourist areas, but outside of these areas it is not used very often
  3. The Roman Trail. If you want to see the ancient roman ruins, you should visit the cities of Pula, Split, and Soloma. These all have well preserved Roman architecture.
  4. Transportation. Croatia has an extensive rail system. You can travel to all the major cities by train except for the coastine. To get the city of Dubrovnik you will need to take the train to Split and travel the rest of the way by bus.
  5. Currency. Most places in Croatia do not have credit card machines. This includes restaurants, hotels. and the shops so it is important to make sure you always have some of the local currency which is the kun on you.
  6. Local. The local beer is a Ozujsko and is a refreshing drink to have while visiting the warm beaches. The national drink of Croatia is Rakia. It has a similar taste to brandy, but watch out it can contain up to 60% alcohol.
  7. War. Croatia is no longer at war, but you will still see the remnants of it. Most of the tourist areas have been restored but visitors should be mindful about talking about war around the locals.
  8. The Islands. Croatia is home to over 1000 islands. Many of the bigger ones are accessible by ferry. It is best to visit the islands only if you are there during the summer months. During the winter the winds and weather can cause the ferries to stop their service for days so it would be possible to get stranded.
  9. Beaches. Most of the beaches on Croatia are made out of gravel and not sand. They are still beautiful and fun to visit, but don't bother bringing any sand toys for the kids.
  10. Off the beaten path. If you want to visit some of the lesser known places in Croatia you should see the Cave Church. This is near the small village of Murvica. You can either explore the caves on your own or hire a guide.
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