10 Tips For Travel In Germany

Interested in 10 tips for travel in Germany? Germany is an eccentric country rich with history and art. There is something for everyone to see in Germany, from the rolling country side to the lively cities. Here are 10 travel tips for Germany.

  1. Try non traditional lodging. Europe has numerous options for place to stay. Germany has some of the world's best hostels. Staying at a hostel can save you tons of money for lodging. Some perks include free breakfast and WiFi. Other cool options to check out are castles and bed and breakfasts.
  2. Take the train. Because cities in Germany can be pretty spread out, the easiest way to get from point A to point B is taking the train. German rail tends to run numerous specials and discounts, so check out their website before you purchase your tickets.
  3. Use cheap airlines. If your time is limited in Germany, spending hours on the train can derail your itinerary. Check out EasyJet for deeply discounted airfare in Germany and many other locations in Europe.
  4. Go Green. If you're visiting Germany during the warmer seasons, why not rent a bike and be your own tour guide. Spend time biking around different areas and taking in the sites, all while getting a true taste of Germany. Maybe you'll find a mom and pop restaurant to stop in for lunch, creating an authentic German experience.
  5. Visit a museum. Like many destinations, Germany is steeped with history. Many cities have great art museums to get lost in. If art museums aren't your things, check out one of the many churches. Many designed with gothic architecture and different historical styles.
  6. Pick up "City Welcome" cards. Many cities in Germany offer the "City Welcome" card. This card offers guest discounts on historical sites, concerts, zoos, museums, and sometimes free or reduced transportation.
  7. Manners. If you are visiting Germany and are invited into someone's home, it is proper for a guest to bring a gift such as a good bottle of wine. If you are staying for dinner, eat everything on your plate or they will think you didn't enjoy your meal.
  8. If you become ill. Pack any medicine you may need while in Germany, like anti diarrhea tabs or pain pills. If you're staying at a hotel, they may have medicine available for purchase at the front desk. If you need emergency medical attention, dial 112.
  9. Try Wurst. No trip to Germany would be complete without tasting authentic Germany cuisine. From pretzels to wurst, Germany has a funky taste palette to try.
  10. Beer. Germany is also known for it's beer. If you missed out on Oktoberfest, fear not. Ask the locals where the best place to grab a drink is, and while you're at it, ask which local beers to try. You won't regret it, although you might the next morning.
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