10 Tips For Travel In Greece

These 10 tips for travel in Greece will provide a starting point when looking to visit this beautiful country. From the Greek Islands to Crete, Greece provides access to beautiful beaches, nightlife, restaurants and archaeological sites.

  1. Use cash. There are ATM’s everywhere in Greece, so use credit cards to get cash. Some vendors offer a discount for paying for meals, entertainment and shopping with cash as opposed to credit. This can save some money while on vacation.
  2. Online booking. When booking online, don’t always go by the website. Contact a good travel agent and ask the pros and cons of each city or hotel. Some agents make deals with certain hotels and can offer extra low rates at those destinations.
  3. Take a cruise. If you are looking to see as many islands as possible, it’s best to take a cruise. Booking individual hotels and travel can get expensive if you get held up and can’t make your next destination. Last minute cancellations can run as much as 90 to 100 percent, making this a risky business.
  4. Use a travel Agent. Travel agencies can book flights and ferries as part of their service. They can also provide custom itineraries, but make sure they are aware of budgets and time frames and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
  5. Safety. Greece is one of the safest countries in Europe and Athens is considered the safest city. Women should not be afraid to travel alone and terrorism is considerably low. People traveling alone are sure to meet others doing the same.
  6. Language. Most waiters, hotel employees, travel agents and shop owners speak English in Greece. This will make your visit much easier and will be a big help in communicating with the locals.
  7. InterCityExpress Trains. These are a great way to travel if you are interested in seeing ancient cities. They run from Athens to the ruins of the Heraeum Temple and it’s an efficient way of getting around.
  8. Taxi drivers. Taxi drivers are some of the nicest people and they know all the hot spots. Generally, tip a cab driver ten percent and if you want a good one, have a prearranged taxi pick you up. They generally speak English and are very familiar with the area.
  9. Dining. Some restaurants are closed in the winter, but there is an abundance of cuisine to sample while in Greece. One tip for traveling in Greece is to look outside the entrance of restaurants for menus. Many are in English and provide the money conversion.
  10. Take advantage of the culture. Greece enjoys a siesta hour from 2 to 5 p.m. everyday. This is especially true in the summer when it’s very hot. Visitors should respect these hours and keep noise to a minimum.

Greece is a beautiful country to visit and explore, and these 10 tips should get you started on planning the perfect vacation. Respecting the culture and being kind will go a long way when visiting Greece and it’s ancient cities. Locals are quite fond of tourists and visiting Greece can be a profound experience.



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