10 Tips For Travel In Paris

Interested in 10 tips for travel in Paris? Paris is a city of romance, history, and decadent food. Stroll through the historic streets of Paris and take a step be in time. Here are some travel tips for Paris to help you enjoy your stay.

  1. Drink tap water. Ordering tap water at restaurants and cafes can save you at lest € 20 Euros or more. Since tap water in Paris is safe order "une carafe de l’eau, s’il vous plait", ask for tap water and splurge on a glass of wine instead. Be sure to let your waiter know, most restaurants will give your bottled water and charge between € 4 -7 Euros.
  2. Visit museums in the evening. Avoid the crowds by hitting the museums late afternoon or in the evening. The Musée D' orsay is open until 9 Wednesday and the Louvre is open until 9 on Thursday. Check out the museums and then head out to dinner.
  3. Skip the lines at the Louvre. If your schedule is packed, spending hours standing in line to get into the Louvre can ruin your plans. Enter via the Louvre carrousel shops. To enter from street level, enter from the side of the Louvre building on Rue de Rivoli and look for Louvre carrousel shop signs.
  4. Make dinner reservations online. No need to worry if you aren't fluent in French and want to eat at the hottest restaurants. Make reservations online, and most restaurants will confirm with you via phone or email.
  5. Focus on your taste. Like many cities in the world, spending a weekend in Paris with a itinerary packed with sites can become hectic. Focus on two or three sites a day that are must see's for you. You'll get to enjoy the sites more and truly take in your surroundings.
  6. Take the metro. The metro is a great money and time saver when in Paris. Taking the metro from CDG airport into Paris can save you over € 80 Euros. If you get lost or need help, ask at the nearest costumer service counter. Learning a few phrases in French will be helpful.
  7. Ask for help. Learning basic French before your trip is very beneficial. If you need help look for younger Parisians, most of them speak English.
  8. Fill up at lunch. Like most places, the best deals on meals can be found at lunch time. In Paris you can eat a meal at the Michelin star rated Le Grand Vèfour for over €200 Euros a pop a la carte. At lunch time at the same restaurant, you can have lunch at the fixed baragin price of €78 Euros.
  9. Skip the soda. If you don't mind paying more for a can of coke, than a glass of wine have at it. But it will set you back about $12 dollars a can, try a glass of wine instead. Wine is served in smaller servings in France, so one or two won't hurt and they are cheaper than a can of coke. Or stick to plan old tap water and save money.
  10. Get a better exchange rate. Don't purchase all of your Euros before you leave home. Buy about € 100 – 150 Euros to have one hand when you arrive, purchase the rest when you get to Paris via ATMS and banks to get a better exchange rates. Purchase a few travellers checks to keep on hand as well.
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