10 Tips For Travel In Poland

If you're taking a holiday to Poland, consider these 10 tips for travel in Poland. This eastern European country is ideal for traveling in the winter for skiing and other activities. Its capital is Warsaw and it has numerous cities, provinces and villages. Poland was established over 1,000 years ago. It was one of the most powerful countries in Europe at one time. Once you choose Poland as your travel destination, there are certain things to consider. Here are ten tips you should keep in mind when traveling to Europe's Poland.

  1. Visa and Passport Information: If you’re staying beyond 90 days, you’ll need a visa. Poland requires all travelers to also show a valid passport. Passports should be valid for several months past your intended stay. It’s best to contact your travel agency to verify information about these traveling items.
  2. Travel Warnings: For your safety, always stay in touch with warnings or possible dangers when going to Poland or traveling any place abroad. Check with the Bureau of Consular Affairs for travel updates and warnings.
  3. Crime: Although crime is low in Poland, make sure to know the safest places to visit. Also, be aware of pick pocketing and robbery against travelers. If you rent a car, be aware of car theft. Keep all cell phones, purses and jewelry to a limit, if not at all. Only bring your necessary passports and use credit cards. Stolen credit cards can be canceled; cash cannot. If you choose to bring personal items, place these items in a place not easily accessible by pick pockets. Be vigilant of well-dressed men trying to pass you on trains or in close quarters. Some are able to take your items in the mayhem of trying to get by you.
  4. Religion: Poland has a variety of religions. You should never make comments or disrespect religion in this country. You can offend the citizens.
  5. Taxi Cabs: When arriving to the airport, do not take cabs that do not have phone numbers, company logos or information on the vehicle. These are not regular drivers and can charge you very high fees.
  6. Lock Your Cars and Keep Windows Closed: It’s easy for thieves to steal your valuables at stopped traffic. They can reach in rolled down windows or open unlocked doors and take your purse, camera and other items.
  7. Committing Crime: If you commit crime in Poland and any other country, you can be held accountable under that country’s laws. The punishment can be harsher that those in the United States.
  8. Health: Make sure that your health insurance covers traveling abroad. If you become ill or sick, most doctors in Poland require upfront payment before treating you.
  9. Driving: You will need your United States driver’s license and an international driving permit to drive in Poland.
  10. Contact Information: Never leave the United States without telling or leaving information on where you’re staying in Poland. Leave an address, phone number and any other pertinent information with family and friends. This protects you if you experience crime or medical problems.
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