10 Tips For Traveling In Thailand

Here are 10 tips for traveling in Thailand. It can be a fun place to visit. However, the country's customs may be a bit different then you are used to. Keep these tips in mind, and you will have no trouble at all during your stay. More than likely, all ten tips will provide you with useful information that you will need to apply while you're abroad.  

  1. Greetings are not done by shaking hands. Here, in the U.S., it's common to shake hands when you meet someone. A good tip for traveling in Thailand is to know that it's not a common practice there. Rather, they 'wai'. To do this, you take your hands and put them together in front of your face. Then, you slightly bow.
  2. Buddhism is their main religion and it's important to respect that. The people of Thailand consider Buddha sacred. Therefore, never climb on an image of Buddha. Not only that, but you should avoid taking pictures too. Many Buddha images are sacred, and pictures are strictly forbidden.
  3. Chances are the weather will be hotter then you are used to. Come prepared. Don't bring clothes that are made from heavy materials. Bring clothes that are respectful but can still keep you cool. This is one tip for traveling in Thailand that you don't want to forget. It can save you from a lot of misery while you're out exploring.
  4. Don't touch or pat someone's head. Citizens of Thailand consider the head to be the temple of the body. They get shocked and offended if someone touches their head. Here, in the United States, you may consider it a friendly pat, but in Thailand, it won't be considered that. Be respectful.  
  5. Don't partake in anything drug related. Thailand has very strict penalties when it comes to drugs. This is a very important tip for traveling in Thailand because it can end up saving your life. Occasionally, clubs are raided and people have to submit urine tests. You don't want to test positive for drugs. The penalties are harsh. Not only that, but in some instances, trading in drugs can lead to the death penalty.
  6. Respect religious facilities. If you're entering a temple or shrine, be respectful of it. Always dress appropriately in them. For instance, shorts, dirty clothes and opened-toed shows are frowned upon. In some, you're not even allowed to wear shoes. Pay attention to the signs in them so you know what to do.
  7. Fruit is very cheap in Thailand, so if you're hungry, it's a good thing to take advantage of. You can get a wide range of fruit any time of the year. This tip for traveling in Thailand is useful because no matter where you're at in the country, it's applicable.
  8. You will quickly discover that traffic is terrible in Thailand. Therefore, taxis might not always be the best choice. One useful tip for traveling in Thailand is to take the BTS, which is a sky train. Equip yourself with the map and it will be smooth sailing from then out. Another fun means of transportation is to take a riverboat. They offer rides cheaply.
  9. Don't smoke on the streets. In fact, smoking on the streets is illegal. Being caught doing so will result in a fine of 2,000 Baht. The same thing goes with littering. Don't litter or you will also face the 2,000 Baht fine.
  10. Avoid public displays of affection. This final tip for traveling in Thailand is useful to know because Thais frown upon public displays of affection. Kissing and cuddling in public is not the norm in Thailand. Be respectful and keep any affection to a minimum.



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