10 Tips For Using The Numark CDJ

Here are 10 tips for using the Numark CDJ. Numark CDJ systems are a very good brand of DJ equipment. They offer the old school appeal of manually mixing songs along with the newest in DJing technology. All of the Numark CDJ units have mixers with the traditional knobs and switches for leveling, crossfading, blending and what have you. They also come with these platters that stand in for records. The coolest part about the Numark CDJ equipment is the ability to channel CD's and other sources of music through the mixer and manipulate those sources with the platters. Let's try it out.

  1. Read the manual. Most people don't spend the time reading the manual. Especially if they're established DJ's. It's important that you read the Numark CDJ manual before you use it so you have an idea what your particular model can do. It'll save time on hook up and some of the guess work involved in using the equipment.
  2. Play with everything. Test out everything. Numark CDJ units offer a lot of built in DJ tricks and other short cuts. The only way to find them is to play with the machine.
  3. Practice on your timing. Because you're taking it back to the old school, you'll be manipulating the music by hand. Most DJing software lets you manipulate music with the click of your mouse. They even have options that'll mix for you. Booo! No, you're going to be really mixing and blending, therefor you'll have to spend time speeding up your actions to get the machine to do what you tell it to do when you tell it to do it.
  4. Notice the delays. Because you're not directly manipulating the songs, like with records, there is a slight delay with your actions and the reactions of the Numark unit. Practice with the machine so you'll pick up on the delays and be able to manually adjust. It won't take long to get used to it.
  5. Notice the sensitivity of the platters. Those of you used to using records to scratch with will definitely pick up on the difference of scratching with the platters. Once again, it's just one of those things you have to play with. The more you practice with the unit the easier it'll be to adjust to the sensitivity.
  6. Add FX. One of the coolest options you have with the Numark CDJ units is the ability to load effects into the machine. You have to utilize this option. It'll make your overall mixing so much easier because you'll be able to use an effect with the push of a button.
  7. Utilize the Beat and Pitch tools. Yeah, yeah, DJ's use the headphones and crossfader to line up the beats properly. We know this. But, the Numark CDJ units make it an easier process. They read the beat and pitch of each song making it easier for you to create seamless blends. They're definitely useful tools. Check them out.
  8. Have playlists ready. If you're using the Numark CDJ for DJing gigs, have MP3 playlists ready on an external hardrive ran through your laptop. It'll be easier to find the tracks you want to mix with this way. Do genre playlists and popular song playlists.
  9. CD's should be labeled and secondary. CD's should be labeled making it easier to get to the songs you want. They should also be secondarily utilized. Although the Numark CDJ loads CD's relatively fast, MP3's are always going to be faster to use.
  10. Practice, Practice, Practice. It can't be stressed enough. In order to use this equipment effectively, you need to dig in and play with it … for hours. Even an accomplished DJ will admit it. When you have new stuff to play with, you'd better play with it. Unless of course you want to look like a novice.
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