10 Top Selling Gospel Songs Of All Time

This list of the top ten best selling gospel songs of all time will lift you up and show you the songs enjoyed the most for praise and worship. Although you may think you already know what songs are on this list, be prepared to find a few that may surprise you.

  1. "Awesome God" by Rich Mullins. This is a truly inspirational song of praise including lyrics like “Our God is an awesome God, he reigns from Heaven above” and was placed #1 on the 2006 list by CCM Magazine of the 100 greatest gospel songs of all time. This song has been recorded by a variety of artist in the years after Mullins desk and continues to be a welcome addition on gospel great mix recordings.
  2.  "The Heart of Worship" by Michael W. Smith. This song has been acclaimed as one of the most moving songs of worship in the history of gospel music.  The down to earth lyrics and beautiful melody helps open your heart and shows what the true meaning of worship is. A hit since its release in the 80’s, this song continues to top charts and live in the hearts of fans everywhere.
  3. "Not Ashamed" by The Newsboys. This native Australian born band took the contemporary Christian music seen by storm earning awards in both mainstream and Christian contests. Although they have changed members through the years, they are still a relevant and acclaimed member of the Christian gospel music community.
  4. "Jesus Freak" by DCTalk. This song was released in 1995 and found airtime on both Christian and secular radio stations.  The lyrics speak of standing up for your religious beliefs amid persecution and have stood as an anthem amongst true believers for years to follow. By appealing to both genres of musical taste has risen this band above labels and made them a voice of praise for years to come.
  5. "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" by PETRA. PETRA took their name from the Greek word meaning rock and they live up to that name by standing the test of time since originally forming in 1972. This song is easily recognizable among Christians of all ages and continues to lead the music charts.
  6. "Forever" by Chris Tomlin. Chris has been named male vocalist of the year and artist of the year several times which boosts him to the front in Gospel music sales and chart standing. This song is recognized as a forerunner in the charts for best gospel songs of all time and with poignant lyrics there is no wonder why.
  7. "Amazing Grace" by John Newton. This timeless classic is a must have amongst Christians for its beautiful message and heartfelt symbolism. This song is used to soothe babies to sleep and celebrate the lives of those close that have passed through the gates of glory. John Newton’s arrangement of this inspirational hymn remains one of the best selling versions through the years.
  8. "Open the Eyes of My Heart" by Sonicflood. The contemporary Christian band has taken the music scene by storm since debuting in 1998. Since then they have sold more than 2 million records and are still going strong. This song is a top selling hit and a stand out among the competitors.
  9. "He is Exalted" by Twila Paris. This amazing song is one of the smash hits for this incredibly talented artist. A lot of her songs can be found in contemporary hymnals in a variety of church congregations. The lyrics of this song set it above more traditional songs and speak to a wider demographic of fans.
  10. "This is My Desire" by Hillsong Music. Another breakout Australian band, their sound resonates through the hearts of their fan base worldwide. This song was an instant hit and helped raise them to the status of a band to be heard and recognized. A favorite in sales and charts alike, this song set a standard for music to follow.
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