10 Travel Gadgets For Men

If you're a travelin' man, these 10 travel gadgets for men are a must. It's hard being a man. We like video games, we like gadgets, and we get bored when our time isn't occupied with something. The luxuries of home offer us bigger spaces to indulge in all our pastimes, and while travel is exciting, shoving our lives into a tiny suitcase can at times be downright impossible. Luckily these travel gadgets can help us do just that.

  1. Electric Razors. Shaving, or at least trimming, is often a must for a man on the move. While traveling, you don't always have time for a razor blade and a hot sink, much less a trip to the barber. However, electric razors offer almost all the comforts of your own sink and now contain shaving gel, a close shave, and a mechanism to suction cut hairs all in one tiny package.
  2. eReaders. While you can't always pack the three books you are reading, an eReader can often do you better, allowing you to access your entire library on one slim device. This technology brings up a digital copy of text in a manner that's similar to reading print on actual paper, which is easier on the eyes than a bright computer screen, and is a perfect travel gadget for men.
  3. Noise Canceling Earphones. Travel is loud, whether it be the people on the streets, or the background noise of an airplane, and if you want a few moments in peace, noise canceling headphones are a must on the list of top ten travel gadgets for men.
  4. Game Systems. Game systems like the PSP or Nintendo DS offer portability without sacrificing quality to entertain the geek in all of us. If you're waiting for that delayed flight or about to catch the next bus, make the time fly with this easily packable travel gadget.
  5. Smartphones.  Nothing beats a smartphone when it comes to portability and function. If you need to check on that email or find directions to your hotel, a smartphone gives you easy access to the internet. Smartphones now come packed with downloadable applications that can do everything from convert currency to translate languages for you, and definitely make the list of top travel gadgets for men.
  6. Portable Computers. Computers are multifunctional, allowing you to type that office report or watch a movie. Portable computers are now light and slim, and can be a great benefit to all men and their travel needs.
  7. MP3 Players. MP3 players are a great companion while on the road, and even the largest capacity players are now incredibly tiny. Travel can be a stressful time, and often times the best way to counteract this stress is to listen to some of your favorite music.
  8. Universal Adaptors.  As men, we like gadgets, and the most frustrating thing about travel for us is not being able to access our toys. Plan ahead and buy a good universal adaptor, and travel becomes a cinch. Universal adaptors are rapidly becoming more streamlined and allow you to plug in electronic devices in any country in the world.
  9. USB Internet. Getting internet access can be a dicey venture in a stable location, much less when a man is on the move. USB internet allows you to gain access to your wireless provider simply by sticking this gadget into the USB slot of your computer.  It's that simple. The best part is that these devices are as portable as it gets, weighing in at only a few ounces.
  10. Extra Power Packs. Every device needs energy, and in long flights where outlets are inaccessible, this becomes of paramount importance to a gadget hoarding guy. Rounding out our list of top ten travel gadgets for men are power packs, which enable you to store extra power in a small portable device. Now made to be compatible for many electronics, these power packs can give your smart phone or portable game system an added boost of power to entertain you on the last leg of a long flight.
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