10 Trivia Questions From The 80’s

Thinking back three decades ago and trying to answer these 10 trivia questions from the 1980’s may prove to be a little more difficult than one would think.  Digging deep into the vault of 1980’s trivia and trying to stump readers of this article, let us see how many of these trivia questions from the 1980’s an average person can get correct. Most of the trivia questions from the 1980’s are difficult, but the final one was a little easier for making the attempt.

  1. In the 1985 cult classic movie “The Breakfast Club,” Ally Sheedy played played Allison Reynolds, the freaky girl in the back of the library. What was the first word she spoke in the movie?
  2. The 1984 coming of age movie “Sixteen Candles” has a brother and sister co-starring. He played a henchman of Farmer Ted and she was the geek with the neck brace. Who are they?
  3. Model Christy Turlington was sixteen years old when she starred in this “Duran Duran” video. What video was it?
  4. Which all female pop group sang the number one hit song “Venus”?
  5. This famous big screen dancer and actor died in 1987. He was born in 1899.
  6. This trivia question from the 1980’s comes from the cartoon show “The Smurfs.” What was the name of the cat?
  7. On the television show “Three’s Company,” Suzanne Sommers played Chrissy Snow. What was her real first name?
  8. The television show “Taxi” had wacky characters, but the wackiest was Reverend Jim. What was his real last name?
  9. In the movie “The Goonies,” Corey Feldman played Mouth. Which famous 1980’s pop icon’s hit song was on the shirt was he wearing?
  10. The final trivia question from the 1980’s is an easy one that should not take any research. This song was the first acappella song to hit the billboard chart’s number one slot. What was the name of the song?


  1. “Vodka” was the first word Allison Reynolds spoke in the movie. The freakish girl in the back of library said very little through most of the movie. Who would have thought she ended up with the jock, Emilio Estevez.
  2. Siblings John and Joan Cusack played the nerdy teens. The duo continued making co-starring roles in a variety of brat pack movies through the 1980’s before finally landing lead roles in the future.
  3. The Duran Duran video with Christy Turlington was “Notorious.” This was one of the bands least known of singles, but the band’s claim to fame was soon to follow.
  4. British group Bananarama sang the song. Most famous for the hit single “Cruel Summer”, Bananarama was known as a one-hit wonder in the 1980’s.
  5. Fred Astaire is the famous dancer and actor that passed away. His career spanned over 76 years and he is known as the one of the greatest men of all time according to the American Film Institute.
  6. The cat’s name was Azriel. The lazy screeching cat owned by the wizard Gargamel dealt with always being in trouble. He was always helping his owner chase the Smurfs.
  7. Chrissy Snow real name was Christmas. Chrissy’s dad announced her real name when he came to visit his little girl in one episode. On the show, Chrissy Snow was a ditzy innocent girl from Fresno.
  8. Reverend Jim’s last name was Caldwell. Sorry, it was not Ignatowski. On the show, Reverend Jim used the name James Ignatowski, but his birth name was James Caldwell.
  9. Prince’s “Purple Rain” donned Mouth’s shirt. Mouth was not an outcast and he hung around with the Goonies. He wore the Prince tee-shirt through the entire movie.
  10. Bobby McFerrin’s acappella hit single “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was the first number one single of its kind. The single held the number one slot on the Billboard chart for two consecutive weeks. It was McFerrin’s only hit in the 1980’s.
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