10 Ugliest Basketball Shoes Ever

Basketball shoes are usually stylish, but these are the 10 ugliest basketball shoes ever. Rather than being slick shoes that make you look good and play better, these shoes look like something Lady Gaga would wear.

  1. Converse Wade I Converse had a chance to use the Dwyane Wade name to cement their place in the basketball shoe game. Instead they decided to make a shoe somebody with a leather fetish would love. Most people don't like leather straps covering their body or their shoes, thus these are one of the ten ugliest basketball shoes ever.
  2. Dada Sprewells Latrell Sprewell decided it would be a good idea to put spinning rims on his basketball shoes. Seriously, this shoes has spinning rims. That alone earns the Dada Sprewells a spot as one of the ten ugliest shoes ever.
  3. Dada C Dubbz Dada makes the ten ugliest basketball shoes list again with these shiny shoes. They are just straight black ultra reflective plastic. They came in other super shiny colors, but none managed to look halfway decent.
  4. Air Jordan XV The Air Jordan XV is widely considered to be the ugliest of the Air Jordan line. That is because it is bulky and looks nothing like the X-15 fighter plane it was designed after. Instead it just has a weird braided top.
  5. LA Gear – Karl Malone Signature Karl Malone made the terrible decision to make a shoe with LA Gear. There's a reason LA Gear isn't that widely known. They produce shoes like this that have lights on them for grown men. If you have lights on your shoes and you have facial hair, there is definitely something wrong.
  6. Adidas Kobe 2 This hardly qualifies as one of the ten ugliest basketball shoes ever, it looks more like a futuristic slipper or spaceship. They also look way too bulky to play basketball in. It's no surprise that Kobe Bryant is making shoes with Nike now.
  7. Nike Air Pressure This was Nike's version of the Reebok Pump. The biggest problem was you need an actual ball pump to inflate the shoes and get a good fit. The top of the shoe was also extremely bulky and a complete eyesore.
  8. Air Jordan 2010 These shoes were supposed to be great, representing the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan line, not make the ten ugliest basketball shoes ever list. Unfortunately they decided to put a big circular window in the middle of the shoe. Basketball shoes are supposed to show off their own designs, not what kind of socks you're wearing.
  9. Nike Zoom Flight V Jason Kidd got paid to wear these. Hopefully he got paid a lot. What puts this shoe on the ten ugliest basketball shoes ever list is the strange bug eye design put right in the middle of the shoe. What were they thinking?
  10. Starbury One It is obvious why these shoes were only $14.95. They are easily some of the ugliest basketball shoes ever made. They look like they are made of foam, have over sized and awkwardly placed panels, and a hideous colorway. The ten ugliest basketball shoes ever list would not be complete without Starbury stinking it up.
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