10 Ugly Basketball Players

Most athletes aren't liked for their looks and these 10 ugly basketball players need great personalities or fat wallets to be attractive to anybody. We've all heard the term "dumb jock", but how many of you are aware of the "ugly jock"? Guys don't usually think about how attractive another man is unless they dig dudes, but these basketball players are so ugly you can't help but notice. Here are ten ugly basketball players.

  1. Mickael Pietrus. Number twenty for the Orlando Magic has a scorching outside jumper but his face isn't so hot. If Mr Ed picked up a basketball and played in the NBA you'd think they were cousins. A horse is a horse of course, of course.
  2. Popeye Jones This ugly basketball player could pass as a Doppleganger for the Toxic Avenger. The only thing uglier than this former Dallas Maverick power forward's face is his jump shot.  When he released the crowd would go "eeeeewww". We wonder if it was because of the shot, or the face he made when he shot the ball.
  3. Gheorghe Muresan The guy was 7'7" tall. Big and scary. Despite being considered the NBA's gentle giant, he was a terror to look at. His head alone looked like it could swallow a grown man in one gulp. He has these thick eyebrows that make him look like the famous Sesame Street muppet Bert on steroids.
  4. Greg Oden This ugly basketball player was born in 1988. Why does he look like he was born in the 1950's? He looks like one of those artificial aging pictures on the back of milk cartons when someone goes missing. Except he looks as if he's been missing for 50 years or so.
  5. Bill Walton If "Planet of The Apes" was casting he'd already be in full wardrobe. This ugly basketball player looked like an overgrown chimp in his playing days, and now that he's retired he looks like, well, a retired overgrown chimp.
  6. Dikembe Mutombo He was easily one of the best defensive players in all of basketball. Mutombo was able to block shots at will. He's such an ugly basketball player you have to wonder if he was blocking the shot's or scaring them away from the rim.
  7. Troy Murphy This ugly basketball player is a hell of an offensive presence on the court. He's definitely one of the better shooting big men in the league. He can stretch the defense as far as the three point line. He can also rebound with the best of them in the league. He is quite the scary sight however. His skin looks like it's running away from his face. He's like a snowman in hot weather. His hair resembles a dirty mop. No wonder he rebounds so well, no one wants to get close enough to box him out. It's probably why no one wants to guard him at the perimeter. Could you imagine having to chase a monster around the court for 48 minutes?
  8. Reggie Miller This ugly player was one of the greatest shooters of all time. He was known has the Knick killer. Who would of thought an undead skeleton could shoot so well?
  9. Ben Wallace Mutants exist and they're thriving. Though it's unfair to let them play with the normal folks. We all assumed the Xman Beast was an intellectual. Who knew he could get down on the court like that? Now we really know how Professor X funds that school of his.
  10. Shawn Kemp He was a hell of a talent. The guy could jump out of the gym and dunk on anybody. He was also one of the ugliest basketball players in the game. That stupid haircut didn't help him much either.
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