10 Ultimate Dance Songs

Looking for 10 ultimate dance songs? Well get ready to get down and funky, because we've got the perfect list of dance songs right here. This list is perfect for a dance party, or just any occasion where you feel like you just want to dance the night away. Below is the ultimate list of dance tunes that will have you and your party guests in a real dancing frenzy!

  1. "Vogue" – Madonna. It's not the 80's anymore, but this awesome dance song still stands the test of time years later. Anyone, young or old, can get crazy and dance to "Vogue". It's just one of those tunes that you just have to go out and dance to! Great for pop music lovers, or anyone who appreciates a great dance song. 
  2. "Crazy in Love" – Beyonce. This fresh and funky song by Beyonce features Jay-Z, and will have everyone dancing wildly in no time. This song mixes pop beats with hip-hop and electronic mixes, all in one ultimate dance package. And afterall, it is by Beyonce, a real dance sensation herself!
  3. "What you Waiting for?" – Gwen Stefani. This dance song was included on Stefani's 2004 album, her funkiest album to date. You won't waste any time standing around waiting for the right moment to dance when this song starts playing. You'll be out on the dance floor in no time!
  4. "I Bet you Look Good on the Dance Floor" – Arctic Monkeys. It is certain that you will look good out on the dance floor if you're out dancing to this ultimate tune. This funky rock song is upbeat and unlike any other dance song on the list, making it a true original that is sure to be a smash. 
  5. "Billie Jean" – Michael Jackson. Who doesn't like to dance to Michael Jackson? "Billie Jean" is probably Jackson's most dance-able song to date, and will have you busting out the moon walk and pulling off your most elaborate dance moves. Why not impress your party guests by putting on the ultimate dance show for them with your Michael Jackson moves?
  6. "Safety Dance" – Men Without Hats. "Safety Dance" may have been a one-hit-wonder back in the day, but it is special enough to be featured on our list of the ultimate dance songs, so it must have something that stands out about it! If you love new wave and you love to dance, this is the perfect song for you. But really anyone, no matter what their music tastes are, can get down to this fun song. 
  7. "Baby Got Back" – Sir Mix-a-Lot. You don't have to like big butts to dance to "Baby Got Back". This is the ultimate dance song for anyone who wants to have a great time and really let loose. "Baby Got Back" is a classic dance tune that is still a favorite many years after it's original release. 
  8. "Disturbia" – Rihanna. Get your groove on with "Disturbia" at your next big dancing event, and have everyone joining in on the fun instantly. Rihanna has come out with some really awesome dance songs, but "Disturbia" ultimately takes the prize for the best one to dance to. Both girls and guys can dance to this one, and it's a great party song to get people in the mood. 
  9. "Just Dance" – Lady Gaga. Just as the name of the song tells everyone, "Just Dance" is the song you will want to dance to. Lady Gaga is considered by many as a musical genius, and many of her songs are easy to dance to. "Just Dance" made the list of the ultimate dance songs because you just can't hear it without wanting to move and shake!
  10. "Ring My Bell" – Anita Ward. Maybe you love disco, or maybe you hate it. Chances are though, if "Ring My Bell" starts playing, you'll be dancing your butt off along with everyone else because you just can't resist this song. One of the funkiest songs on our list, "Ring My Bell" isn't just for those who love the disco era. It's for everyone who wants to have a good time on the dance floor!
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