10 Underrated Chick Flick Movies

Featuring impeccable, heartwarming performances from talented actors like Matthew Broderick and Adrienne Shelly, these ten underrated chick flick movies are must-see cinematic gems and include everything from charming directorial debuts by award-winning actors like Edward Norton and Griffin Dunne, to moving sentimental favorites from romantic comedy veterans like Nancy Meyers and Cameron Crowe.


  1. "Addicted to Love" The directorial debut of actor Griffin Dunne, this film about two jilted people who band together to break up their former lovers’ happy relationship received little attention despite an amazing cast consisting of seasoned actors like Matthew Broderick, Meg Ryan, and Kelly Preston. The film features a hilarious performance by French actor Tcheky Karyo as hapless restaurateur Anton.
  2. "It Could Happen to You" This charming romantic comedy about a cop who shares his lottery winnings with a waitress was inspired by the true story of Phyllis Penzo and Robert Cunningham. A heartwarming New York City romance, the film features endearing performance by actors Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda.
  3. "Waitress" The last film by actress-director Adrienne Shelly before her untimely murder in 2007, this film is undoubtedly one of the best underrated chick flick movies of the past decade. Beautifully heartfelt performances by actresses Keri Russell and Shelly herself, who has a minor role as Dawn, highlight this light and whimsical romance.
  4. "Trust" An early film of actress-director Adrienne Shelly and award-winning actor Martin Donovan, this film tells the story of an unusually poignant romance between a trashy pregnant teen and a moody electronics salesman in a small Long Island town. One of the best underrated chick flick movies from director Hal Hartley, this film helped establish Shelly as an “It Girl” of the 1990’s.
  5. "Good Dick" One of the best underrated chick flick movies in recent years, “Good Dick” is the directorial debut of actress-director Marianna Palka who stars as a troubled, reclusive woman who is slowly romanced by a video store clerk played perfectly by Jason Ritter. The film features a number of stars in exceptional cameo roles like Tom Arnold, and husband and wife actors Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel.
  6. "Elizabethtown" A delightful romantic comedy from writer-director Cameron Crowe, this film is one of the most underrated chick flick movies of his career and features lovable performances by Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Crowe’s exceptional dialogue along with a truly charming performance by Dunst highlight this sweet romance, while sweeping small-town Kentucky surroundings accent this truly warm and heartfelt film.
  7. "The Holiday" A sweet romantic comedy from writer-director Nancy Meyers, this film features an enchanting performance by actress Kate Winslet and marked her debut into the romantic comedy genre. An equally amazing performance by comedian Jack Black is the highlight of the film and marked his debut into the genre as well. Of note are the superb performances of actors Rufus Sewell, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz, as well as actor-director Edward Burns.
  8. "Keeping the Faith" The directorial debut of actor Edward Norton, this tale about a Priest and a Rabbi who fall for their childhood friend is one of the most underrated chick flick movies of the past decade. Featuring lovely performances by a radiant Jenna Elfman as well as an uncharacteristic romantic turn by comedian Ben Stiller, this film includes an amazing soundtrack featuring music by Tom Waits.
  9. "In the Land of Women" A gem from director Jon Kasdan, this film about a young man and his time spent with a mother and her daughter while visiting his grandmother in Michigan features endearing performances by “The O.C.” star Adam Brody, as well as a standout performance by a pre-“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart. Son of acclaimed director Lawrence Kasdan, Jon Kasdan also wrote the film, whose dialogue and storyline showcase his rising talent.
  10. "Some Kind of Wonderful" One of the most underrated chick flick movies of the 1980’s, this film was written by 80’s legend John Hughes and features an amazing performance by Mary Stuart Masterson, whose portrayal of a tomboy who falls for her lovesick best friend earned her critical praise. Performances by Lea Thompson and a then-unknown Elias Koteas highlight this feel-good 80’s favorite.
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