10 Unique Gifts Ideas For Girlfriend

The 10 unique gift ideas for girlfriend are all those presents that will make sure your girlfriend does not run off with some other man (or woman)! They are gifts that will ensure that she continues having sex with you whenever you want. They are also gift ideas that will help her cope with the alleged income disparity between men and women in the workplace.

  1. Heart Locket. This is the best unique gift idea to get your girlfriend because it allows her to put a picture of someone special inside of it. So whether that's you or her ex-boyfriend, this gift idea of thoughtfulness will surely get you laid in no time at all–which is the whole point of giving a gift to your girlfriend anyway.
  2. Neon Friendship Bracelet. A friendship bracelet is ideal to get your girlfriend because it will touch her soul with the message that you think of her as your best friend or some sappy crap like that. While the price is not expensive, it's the thought that counts (which you can remind her if she develops an attitude and complains about it).
  3. Fishnet Pantyhose with Crotchless. A slightly sexual and naughty gift idea like this will remind your girlfriend that you want her for her body, too. Being a female, she'll eat up this compliment and shameless play for sex because of her innate obsession (as a woman) to put a premium on being valued for her body's appearance.
  4. Peruvian Lilies. After you have rightly asserted your manhood by getting sex from your girlfriend due to the naughty gift in number three, you have to play on her emotions again by giving her…flowers! These lilies will go over great with her even though, as all living things do, they will eventually die.
  5. Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates. The fifth best unique gift idea for your girlfriend is a box of chocolates. While all the calories and carbs may well go immediately to her thighs and ass because of the female sex hormones, at least you will have more of her to hold onto when having sex.
  6. Thighmaster. After giving your girlfriend a gift of chocolates, you will want to present her with a Thighmaster to work off those extra pounds. This genius mix of complimentary and only seemingly insulting presents will keep her off-balance, not knowing what to expect next. This will work to your advantage as she will be titillated by your unpredictability and just begging to see what you do next.
  7. Lilith 2010 Compilation. Your girlfriend will probably like a lot of sissy-sounding chic music, so to fulfill all her pretentious needs in that area, get her a Lilith Fair CD. This will remind her about what it means to be a woman, or a lesbian…whatever.
  8. Chic Flick. To go with her shiny new Lilith Fair CD, get your girlfriend a chic flick to go along with it! There's nothing better than that overly emotional tearjerker called "Dear John." As a bonus for getting her this, you will probably be subject to a reward of great sex from her because she actually thinks you care about her feelings.
  9. Long Dangle Earrings. These earrings are perfect for your girlfriend, because they will improve the appearance of her face. Long dangle earrings, in particular, have the effect of being a little bit more liberal, so she may really appreciate these.
  10. Natural Vaginal Cleansing System. A system such as this is essential to the sexual health of your relationship with your girlfriend. As such, it is the ideal gift to her because you are in fact telling her to keep her vagina ultra-clean…for any future reception of your penis.
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