10 Unique Save The Date Ideas

The big day is getting near and you're looking for 10 unique save the date ideas so your special guests won't forget. To make sure your family and friends don't forget to be there and witness your nuptials on such a memorable day, use some of the following unique ideas. 


  1. Make key rings with the couple's picture on it and the date for theri special day. They can put their car and house keys on there, and every time they leave the house, they will be reminded to save that date and to not make any other plans.

  2. Tooth brushes are a pretty simple way to say it. Each time they brush their teeth, they will see that important date and be reminded just how special their presence would be. 

  3. An hourglass with the couple’s picture inside would be a cute idea. However, it can also just be the date inside of the hour glass if you are trying to stay on budget.

  4. Mini picture frames with a voice recorder would be a neat idea. The soon-to-be bride and groom can record a special message about their exciting day. 

  5. Have mug shots taken of the couple and put their picture on one side while the other side has their fingerprints. That would be unique. It should say, "We want be released if you don't attend our wedding with the bail on this day."

  6. A box of tissues with the couple's picture on it and their special save the date day stamped is pretty unique. This is usually an emotional day, so this would be very fitting for your guests. You could even put some wedding bells on the cover of the box with the couple's name and wedding date on it.

  7. Make a little mini book as a save the date idea. It can be three pages long with a fairy tale and a Cupid on the front cover. A picture of the couple can be on the inside. Then the last page can read, "Would you like to see how this fairy tale ends? To be continued on this date." This will encourage them to save the date!
  8. Have coupons made up with the couple's picture and date of the wedding on it. If there isn't a picture, just a wedding symbol and date could suffice. It can say, "Good for one free wedding. Expires on the wedding date you choose." This is another inspiring way for your guests to save the date.

  9. Airplane or cruise tickets are a unique way to save the day. Travel to the most beautiful place in the world your wedding and put the day of departure on the tickets for your guests. It's expensive, but definitely a unique reminder to save the date. 

  10. Who can turn down money, even if it's fake money? Have million dollar bills printed out, with or without a picture of couple. Your guests are sure to save the date with this.

 These are ten unique save the day ideas, but they don't have to be just for weddings. They can be used for numerous occasions, just have fun with it.

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