10 Unique Tattoo Ideas

Too often, the decision about what tattoo to get is made at the last minute, but these 10 unique tattoo ideas will help your ink stand out from the crowd. Don't wait until you're at the tattoo parlor paging through the design books, plan ahead, and your tattoo will be a unique piece of art you can be proud of. Also, don't be afraid to ask your tattoo artist for help. He or she will be more than happy to help you come up with a unique design.

  1. Dedicate your ink to your family. Aside from the classic "Mom," or having your sweetheart's name emblazoned on your chest, think about other ways to showcase your loved ones. Hide your kids' initials in an original design, or use a symbol you associate with your partner or child.
  2. Link your tat to your personal interests. For example, if you're a writer, pick an inspirational quote or a symbolic representation of your craft like a quill pen. Musicians could use musical notes, don't just use generic notes, but pick a few from a favorite song. Musical symbols such as a treble or bass clef, or medieval musical marks would also make for a unique tattoo.
  3. Commemorate a beloved pet. Having a pet's portrait carved into your skin might be going too far, although, it would definitely be a unique tattoo. If you'd like something a little simpler, consider a paw print or a graphic representation of your pet's name.
  4. Use a spin on a classic design. If there's a classic tattoo design you particularly like, start with that for the basics, then make some minor changes to make it unique. Work with your tattoo artist to come up with workable ideas.
  5. Celebrate your spirituality. Mainstream religious designs commonly crop up in design books, but what if your spiritual path is a bit more esoteric? Combine symbols to better represent your personal beliefs, or dig into the history books for mythological symbols that speak to you on a deeper level.
  6. Celebrate your heritage. Proud of your roots? Pick an ethnic design, or have text inked in the language or alphabet of your ancestors.
  7. Consider unique placement. Not just the design of your tat can be unique, but so can the placement. Curl your ink around a scar to celebrate your own survival, or place a symbol meaningful to your intimate partner in a place no one else will see it.
  8. Recreate personal memories. Song lyrics from a piece played at your wedding. A quote from a book that changed your way of thinking. The date your daughter was born, all these can form the basis of unique, meaningful tattoos.
  9. Design around a dream symbol. Dream interpretation gives specific meaning to symbols that crop up in our dreams. If you have a particular goal in life, find out what dream symbol best represents that goal and form it into a unique, inspiring tattoo.
  10. Give your tattoo artist free reign. If you've been working with a tattoo artist for a while, he or she will have a good idea of your taste. Let her come up with a design especially meant for you.
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