10 Unusual Wrestling Moves

Pro Wrestling is a weird blend of sports and entertainment, and it is not terribly surprising that there are 10 unusual wrestling moves commonly used in the industry. The mix of drama and athleticism in wrestling makes it necessary that a few moves are going to be a bit more theatrical than necessary, but each of these 10 unusual wrestling moves really pushes the boundaries of believability.

  1. Sleeper Hold. This one is an old move, but really quite unbelievable in its use. It is absolutely possible to take down an opponent with a "sleeper hold" in real life, but the way the hold is applied in pro wrestling tends to put an opponent in a near instant state of unconsciousness. This move is unusual for how differently it works than in real life.
  2. Shooting Star Press. This is one of the most visually impressive moves in wrestling, and a great performer can pull off a three hundred and sixty degree flip directly on to an opponent. The unusual nature comes from how little impact it seems to have on the wrestler performing the move; it is, after all, a belly flop on to a human body.
  3. Stink Face. Someone once thought a great move would be for a very, very large Somoan man to stick his buttocks in another man's face as a finisher. Does more really need to be said?
  4. Hurricanrana. Again, a great move. It makes the list, though, for essentially being the same move as being powerbombed. The only difference is that the controlling wrester in this move contorts his body a bit more. One or the other should work, but not both.
  5. Lariat. Not the standard lariat, or even a close lariat. When an opponent is sent in to the ropes and voluntarily bounces back into this move, disbelief needs to be suspended. At best, the wrestler should (quite painfully) be stopped at the ropes.
  6. Top Rope Leg Drop. Top rope moves make little sense in and of themselves, but this one seems a bit unusual for a safety reason. Can you imagine purposefully jumping off a turnbuckle on to your own tailbone? Odds are, the aggressor is going to take more damage than the victim. 
  7. Elbow Drop. For much the same reason as the top rope leg drop, this move should hurt the person performing just as much as the one who gets hit. Have you ever hit your elbow on anything? Now imagine doing it from six feet up in the air. Ouch.
  8. Mist. Performed by a few different wrestlers, this move involves expelling a quantity of mist in another person's face. If your finisher involves spitting on the opposing wrestler, it certainly qualifies as one of the 10 unusual wrestling moves. 
  9. Sweet Chin Music. It's a kick to the face, an incredibly effective move in and of itself. It sticks out as unusual, though, by its sheer simplicity. Given that it can be used to end a match when throwing another person through a table will only slow them down, it earns a spot on this list. 
  10. Mandible Claw. Weirdest finisher in pro wrestling involves a hand being stuck in another person's mouth. Not that odd in and off itself, but unusual for the fact that no one ever seemed to avoid the move by biting down.
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