10 Urban Fashion Tips For Men

Here are 10 urban fashion tips for men. There are some wardrobe items that are essential for the fashionable urban male. Use the following as a checklist to make sure you, as that fashion savvy urban guy, have the basic wardrobe ingredients in your closet that can take you anywhere in style.

  1. Navy blue blazer. Buy the best quality you can afford. This is a never-fail wardrobe basic that will last years. The fit and tailoring are essential here, so this is not the place to scrimp. Fabric and weight should be seasonless, or at least get you through three seasons. This is an essential fashion item that will pair up with many of the other items listed below.
  2. A great watch. Most men don't wear a lot of jewelry. The one piece every well-dressed urban guy does want is a great, classy timepiece. Spend a little money here. Good watches last for years, needing only basic repairs.
  3. Chinos. Buy them in khaki and/or black. The fit is important. Keep them pressed, neat, and ready to wear in your closet.
  4. Jeans. Every well-dressed guy needs a few pairs of great jeans.
  5. Plaid shirts. Plaid is big for Fall 2010. You'll want a few of these shirts around. Not only are they great on lumberjacks, they are also very cool for urban guys.
  6. Quilted vest. You'll appreciate this warm piece on a cool day. A trendy piece of fashion for Fall 2010, yet classic at the same time.
  7. Fair Isle Sweater. OK, this is preppy. If this classic knit pattern is not for you, then go for a classic plain pullover sweater in a fine wool fabric.
  8. Camel hair topcoat. This is an investment piece—one that pays back year after year. You are a well-dressed urban dude. Look real classy in this timeless wardrobe item. It's always in fashion.
  9. Windbreaker and/or hooded sweatshirt. Every guy needs these casual basics in his closet.
  10. Weekend casual footwear. You'll need loafers for that nice urban Sunday brunch and a pair of sturdy workboots to go along with those really cool jeans.

It doesn't take a lot of clothes to make the urban guy well-outfitted. If you have the above items you have the makings of a great versatile wardrobe that will keep you in fashion and take you many places.

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