10 Useful Anal Sex Tips

Learning 10 useful anal sex tips can be very helpful. Anal sex used to be a somewhat taboo topic, but has become much more popular in recent years. It can be a little difficult to get it right, but if you do, it will be incredibly enjoyable to both partners. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind as you venture into anal sex.

  1. Lubricant – Remember that the tissues of the rectum do not produce lubricant during arousal. If you don't use lube, your partner could end up in a lot of pain. Look for a lube that is silicone-based. Don't be afraid to use a lot of it, you don't want any friction. 
  2. Foreplay – Foreplay is crucial to a positive anal sex experience. The anus is made up of two sets of sphincter muscles. One is controlled voluntarily and the other is not. Your partner must be relaxed in order for the internal sphincter to loosen up. Try kissing, oral sex, sex toy play, or whatever your partner likes.
  3. Go slow – Start with your fingers. Gently insert one finger into the anus and feel the sphincter muscles. If they are relaxed, you may proceed. If they are still tight, try more foreplay. Attempting to have anal sex before the muscles are relaxed will be extremely painful. 
  4. Condoms – Although the risk of pregnancy is lowered for anal sex, it's still very important to use condoms. Because the anal tissues are more prone to bleeding,  the risk of STDs is great. Make sure you use a condom that is compatible with the lubricant of your choice. If you decide to go sans-condom, make sure you and your partner are monogamous and have tested negative for all STDs. 
  5. Positions – There are a variety of positions that work well for anal sex. The most common is doggie style, because it allows easy access to the anus. If you choose missionary (guy on top) position, put a pillow under your partner's bottom. This will bring the anus up and allow for easier insertion. Spooning (side by side) position also works well. Experiment with a variety of positions to find what works for you.
  6. The action – Anal sex shouldn't be painful. If your partner complains of pain, slow down. Make sure she is relaxed and comfortable. Apply more lubricant and try a different position.
  7. Hygiene Issues – Once you have started having anal sex, think of the vagina as off-limits. Your partner could get a nasty infection if you "double dip." If you want to go back to vaginal sex, apply a new condom, or wash and dry the penis thoroughly. 
  8. The big event – Honestly, it's pretty rare for a woman to orgasm during anal sex. It still can be extremely pleasurable, but there aren't the necessary nerve endings in the anus to produce much of an orgasm. Make sure you get her to orgasm in another way, such as oral sex, or sex toy play. 
  9. Cool down – Make sure anal sex doesn't get too rough. It may be tempting to give it to her really hard, but the anus isn't engineered for that. Focus on the tight feeling and take it slow. If she wants it harder, take it slow. It may feel great to her now, but she will probably be sore tomorrow. 
  10. Clean up – After sex is completed, try taking a shower together. Lubricant can be very messy, and it can also be a very romantic way to show her that you care. Be careful though, both of you may be very slippery!

Just remember, anal sex shouldn't hurt. If it does, you may be doing something wrong. If you use a sufficient amount of lubricant and go slow, you shouldn't have any problem. Good luck, and enjoy!

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