10 Useless Questions To Ask Women

How do you choose ten useless questions to ask women when so many useless questions exist? Countless guys ask women some rather useless questions in their vain attempts to create small talk. Maybe these guys hope that by running their mouths, they can bore a woman into the bedroom. Useless questions do nothing more than knock you out of the game. What useless questions should you stay away from? All of them. But if you have to choose ten useless questions to avoid, avoid these.

  1. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Now, a lot of guys will look at this and wonder why it is a useless question to ask women. Well, think about it. If you are well into an intimate conversation with a woman and she has not told you she has a man, it can only mean one of two things. Either she does not have one or she does not care. A faithful woman will let you know if she is taken. So do not waste your breath asking.
  2. "How old are you?" This is not only a useless question, it is just plain stupid. Older women do not like throwing their age around and younger women look young. So, as long as she looks good, who really cares about her age? Just be happy she is hot.
  3. "Are you into women?" Once again, do not be an idiot. If she is talking to you, it is obvious she digs dudes. If you are lucky enough to have found a young lady that plays for both teams, she will reveal that to you in due time. It is an absolutely useless question to ask a woman about her sexual preference when she is all in your face.
  4. "Do you have kids?" Most women are very sensitive about their children. Their kids are the most important elements of their lives. They will definitely let you know about the little ones. There is no need to ask about her children until after she brings them up.
  5. "Are you a freak?" Yet again, this piece of info will be revealed to you in due time. The experienced dating man can pick up on certain signs to let him know one way or the other. Just pay attention to the girl if you want to figure this out. Do not be a fool and ask this useless question. A real freak will not brag about it. Someone that brags about being freaky is probably lying.
  6. "How are you about threesomes?" Do not ask this question unless you want to be smacked. Even the biggest freaks do not want their business in the streets. If she does get down with the bedroom tag team events, she is not going to tell you. At least, not early on in the game.
  7. "Does your family have a history of psychotic episodes?" Yeah, this one needs no explanation. Personal family questions in general are a no-no. She will share anything she wants you to know about her family.
  8. "What is your sign?" That astrology stuff is very hit or miss. Some women delve deep into that kind of thing. Others will look at you funny for bringing it up. It is OK to know about astrology, but you should not bring it up if she does not display an interest in it first.
  9. "Can you hook me up with your friend?" Yeah right, buddy! Talk about a disrespectful question. Do not ever ask a woman to hook you up with her friend. Especially if you have dated this particular woman in the past. You will not like the outcome.
  10. "What is up with your sister?" Yeah, if she will not hook you up with her friends, she definitely will not help you get anywhere near her family. Women can be like the Marines when it comes to protecting the ones they love. Do not even consider asking this useless question. Just leave it alone.
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