10 Vacationing In Jamaica Tips

Jamaica is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean and we have 10 vacationing in Jamaica tips to help plan your trip.

  1. Bring US dollars. No need to exchange money in Jamaica as the US dollar is widely accepted. 

  2. Stay in an All-Inclusive. The best way to get the most for your money is to stay in an all-inclusive resort. All-Inclusive resorts are widely available throughout Jamaica. They will usually include all you can drink, all you can eat, non-motorized water activities, your airfare, resort room, and sometimes even golf.

  3.  Keep an eye on your belongings. If you get on a bus make sure to keep an eye on your belongings. Thefts are very common in Jamaica.  You also don’t want to get in a taxi that is unmarked.  Any taxi that you get in should have proper documentation.

  4.  Don’t smoke marijuana. Some people travel to Jamaica under the impression that marijuana is legal. Marijuana is illegal and you can go to jail for smoking it. So avoid the temptation and stay away from the illegal drugs. You wouldn’t want to spend your vacation in jail.

  5.  Bring the sunscreen. The sunrays in the Caribbean are very strong so make sure to protect your skin. It is very easy to get sunburn while in Jamaica. 

  6. Get to know the locals. If you are out shopping you will run into locals. They can be pushy when trying to sale merchandise to you; sometimes they will even grab your arm. They do not mean any harm it is just the way they make a living. Take time to talk to them and get to know the culture.

  7. Explore the country side. If you want to see how the locals live hire a driver for the day. Have your driver take you to some of the smaller villages to give you a real feel for Jamaica. There is a lot more to Jamaica then resorts and beaches.

  8. Try the coffee. Do not leave Jamaica without trying Blue Mountain Coffee. This is by far the best coffee you will ever taste. You might even want to take a few bags home with you.

  9. Stay out of Kingston. Kingston is not  the best place for a tourist to visit. There is a lot of violence on this side of the island. The beaches are also considered off limits to tourists unless you want to get mugged. With that said, during the month of August tourists flock to Kingston for the Bob Marley Festival. If you travel to the festival remember to hold onto your belongings, stay with a group, and don't venture outside of the festival.

  10. Have fun. Jamaica is a wonderful island with so much to do. Make sure to enjoy your stay and try new things. Climb a waterfall, try some rum, snorkel, or just relax. No matter what you decide to do enjoy your time.


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