10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Here are 10 Valentine's Day date ideas I think will go over very well with the one you love.  Valentine's Day is a day for love to be showed to  the one we love. Have you ever did something for Valentine's day then thought I should have done something better? Of course you have.

  1. Rent an hour or two plane ride and have the pilot fly you over the  ocean.
  2. Surprise your wife by taking her to an exotic location for just the two of you.
  3. Give your wife a package deal for a spa that includes the works.  Every woman loves to be pampered.
  4. Does your wife like to go camping? Take her to her favorite location to camp for the weekend.
  5. Skiing at a wonderful resort is another great way to say I love you.
  6. Take a drive through the countryside and stop at overlooks.
  7. Plan a romantic evening. Cook dinner, bring flowers and candles. Make the entire evening about her.
  8. Ask her what is the one thing she would like for Valentine's Day. Make sure her answer is what you give her.
  9. Spend the night at an expensive hotel. Pick one that has room service with the works, hot tub, swimming pool, etc. Show her money is no object when it comes to this special day.
  10. For women who love the simple things in life. Give them a picnic lunch in their favorite spot or one you know she will cherish and remember for years to come.



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