10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

These 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for a girlfriend are sure to be a hit, and keep you out of the dog house. As much as girls may say they don't expect a gift, they're lying. A Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be something huge or extravagant to be a successful gift. A thoughtful gift is far superior to the tired old box of chocolates with a drugstore teddy bear.

  1. Mix CD. When making a mix CD for your girlfriend as a Valentine's Day gift, keep a few things in mind. First of all, be sure to keep her music tastes in mind. If she's into indie music, a heavy metal screamo CD won't go over too well. Also, Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday. Try and keep the theme to different love songs, especially if they make you think of her.
  2. Photo album/scrapbook. Taking the time and effort to complete a project like this says loads to a girlfriend. It doesn't have to be perfect, but she will appreciate the effort that you put into it. There are various websites available for assistance in creating a photo album online, complete with captions, that can be easily printed out.  
  3. Jewelry. Jewelry doesn't need to be extravagant to be appreciated. A cute bracelet, or a pretty pendant will do the trick quite nicely. As a general rule, avoid giving her a ring, unless you're in a long-term relationship.
  4. Flowers, presented in a pretty vase. Red roses are the staple of Valentine's Day. However, not every girl really likes roses all that much. If you know what her favorite flower is, get her a big bouquet of fresh-cut flowers in her favorite variety. If she does indeed like red roses, get her two or three dozen, as opposed to the traditional one dozen. A pretty vase is a good investment, because she can keep it long after the flowers die.
  5. Home-made coupon book. If your girlfriend is the type to always make a point to mention that she feels under-valued, then a home-made coupon book will be an excellent Valentine's Day gift. Include coupons for such things as back rubs, deep cleaning the house, taking her on a special date, letting her hold on to the remote, and so on.
  6. Book of love poems. There are a wide variety of collections of love poems available. This particular Valentine's Day gift will be especially appreciated if your girlfriend is the literary type. There are collections that only include poems by the same poet, and others are collections by a variety of authors. Use your good judgment, and keep her personal taste in mind.
  7. "Key to your heart". Is your girlfriend a hopeless romantic? If so, then giving her a symbolic key to your heart will go over very well. There is an ever-changing variety available. Jewelry stores offer different pieces in this theme. There are also skeleton keys that go along with heart shaped locks.
  8. Service and detail her car. Women are notorious for letting car maintenance get the best of them. Which is not to say that women are incompetent when it comes to their cars. She will appreciate you doing this for her. If you don't have the specific knowledge required for this task, then take it to a shop nearby. Make sure the fluids are all okay, the brakes are in decent shape, get the oil and all filters changed, etc.
  9. Make a special meal for the two of you. Who says that your romantic Valentine's Day meal has to take place in some impersonal, crowded restaurant? Plan a special Valentine's Day meal and go all out. If fancy meals aren't really your thing, then just make all her favorite foods. Don't forget the wine!
  10. Message in a bottle. While this particular message in a bottle doesn't necessarily need to be sent out to sea, it's a sweet gesture all the same. Write her a love letter, or simply tell her all the reasons you love her, and what makes her so special to you.



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