10 Vintage Erotic Films

Start your night with a naughty thrill with one of these 10 vintage erotica films. These ten vintage erotica films will get your blood racing with a mix of sex and striptease that is sometimes more erotic than the all out XXX porn that we all have access today. These ten vintage erotica  films are more than just sexy; they also explore the dark side of human sexuality and can be a good primer for someone looking to explore fetishes like BDSM.

  1. “Bettie Page Pin Up Queen” (1998)– You can’t have a list of ten vintage erotica films without making mention of the always stunning Bettie Page. This compilation of striptease loops filmed by Irving Klaw in the 1950s.
  2. “Caligua” (1979)- When it was first release in 1979, this film was rated X because of  its explicit sex scenes, which is a bit ironic since you can’t really tell the story of Rome’s most infamous Cesar without healthy doses of sex and violence.
  3. “Bettie Page Bondage Queen” (1998)- This is the second entry on our list of ten vintage erotica films from the Bettie Page collection. This collection of loops focuses on the  kinky bondage side of the Irving Klaw films of the 1950s.
  4. “The Beast” (1975)- A failing French farmer thinks he has hit the jackpot when the daughter of a wealthy man agrees to marry his son in this vintage erotica film. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare of sex and violence when the wedding party is being stalked by a sex crazed beast.
  5. “Bettie Page Dark Angel” (1998)- The final piece of the Bettie Page collection to make this list of ten vintage erotica films, this final entry tells the story behind Bettie’s three year career as the pin-up queen through a combination of Irving Klaw’s films and commentary from the men and women that she worked with.
  6. "Cinderella 2000" (1977)- This vintage erotica films follows in the footsteps of “Flesh Gordon” and “Barbarella” using a fun mixture of erotism, camp and Sci-fi to reinvent the story of “Cinderella”.
  7. "The Story of O" (1975)-  This entry is a must see for erotica fans every where. Based on the classic book of the same name it’s the story of a fashion designer who willingly submits  to being trained as a submissive and is a very interesting look at the world of BDSM.
  8. “The Night Porter” (1974)- Perhaps the darkest film on this list of vintage erotica films, it’s the story of a concentration camp survivor who meets up with her tortuer and lover at a Venice hotel after the war. While the two of them pick up their BDSM affair, evil forces are moving against the couple.
  9. "Les Archives de Eden" (1950)- This vintage erotica films uses a series of short films and stills to lay out a complete picture of what was XXX in the 1950s. The focus on shaving and vibrators is tame in compression to today’s standards, but it’s pretty hot none the less.
  10. "100 Girls By Bunny Yeager" (2005)- This vintage erotica films takes you behind the scenes look at one of the most influential photographers of pin-ups in the 1950s, Bunny Yeager. Through a combination of stills and interviews with Bunny and the women that she  worked with, this is a steamy look at some of the best in vintage photography.  
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