10 Virgo Tattoo Ideas

These are 10 Virgo tattoo ideas for people born under this astrological sign. The dates for Virgo fall between August 23 and September 23. If you are a Virgo and into tats, get a tattoo to show off your astrological sign. Check out these ideas below:


    1. Virgo Sign This tattoo is inspired from the sign of the Virgo itself. The tattoo can be done in black or designed in various colors–the design can be changed to meet your lifestyle. This tattoo shows the world you are a Virgo. The design of this Virgo tat depends on your taste and your style.
    2. Sexy Lady The sexy lady Virgo tattoo is designed for men. The sexy lady has the Virgo sign placed on different parts of her body. The sign could be on her leg, bosom, behind or other parts of her body. This all depends on the tattoo designer and your preferences.
    3. Skeleton The skeleton Virgo tattoo is simply a spooky skeleton with the Virgo symbol under or within it. This tattoo shows the world you are a Virgo who has a creepy side. There are many versions of the skeleton Virgo tattoo to choose from.
    4. Lady With Spidery Hair The lady with spidery hair Virgo tattoo is cool. The tattoo is simply a lady who has crazy spidery hair and has the Virgo symbol in the middle of her wild hair. This is a unique tattoo that brings out a different side of a Virgo. If you want to wear a unique tat, try this tattoo on for size.
    5. Virgo With Wings The Virgo with wings tattoo is the Virgo symbol sprouting wings. This is a simple Virgo tattoo for the ladies who are proud of their astrological sign.
    6. The Fiery Virgo The fiery Virgo tattoo is a simple but cool tattoo. The tattoo has the Virgo symbol with fire shooting out of it. This fiery Virgo is simple, unique and cool. This tattoo shows you have a little touch of wildness in your soul.
    7. The Naked Lady The naked lady Virgo tattoo is exclusively for guys. This tattoo shows you are proud of your Virgo sign and you believe Virgo should be in the form of a sexy woman.
    8. The Cat The cat Virgo tattoo is a cool tattoo with a picture of a cat with the Virgo symbol around it. This is a must for the person who loves both cats and tats. This tattoo is for the cat lover in you.
    9. The Star The star Virgo tattoo is a cool tattoo for the female Virgo. The tattoo is colorful, unique and fun, but not for everyone. This tattoo is for the unique lady who is a Virgo and loves the stars.
    10. The Heart The heart Virgo tattoo is a heart with a fiery Virgo symbol. The tattoo is colorful, cool and made to show off to your friends. The heart Virgo tattoo is personal enough to be part of your lifestyle and cool enough to show off to your friends.
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