10 Voice Acting Tips

If you've thought about pursuing a career in voice acting, you'll want to check out these 10 voice acting tips. Voice acting has become very popular over the past few years, especially now that people are able to create demo tapes in their own homes. If you want an edge on the competition and are ready to start sending out some voice acting auditions, be sure to give these voice acting tips a look. These are the spit and polish potential employers are looking for.

  1. Read the part before you audition. Don't ever try and submit a "cold read" for a potential audition, because it's far too easy to stumble over the words and trip yourself up. One of the simplest yet best voice acting tips you can follow is to take a few, sit back, and read the script through once or twice before you record anything.
  2. Take your time. New voice actors always make this mistake, getting in a hurry when they think they're making the copy flow smoothly. While you don't want to drag it out, you don't want to sound like you sucked down a can of helium either. Remembering to relax is a sound voice acting tip.
  3. Enunciate your words. If you have a tendency to mumble and don't enunciate your words, your audition will come across sounding muffled and garbled. Always be sure to speak clearly and pronounce your words properly. This voice acting tip will make a huge difference on tape.
  4. Don't pop, huff or hiss. If you have a habit of popping when you say something that starts with a "p," hissing out the letter "s," or just breathing heavy at times, invest in an inexpensive mic screen to reduce some of the excess noise in your recording. If you want a cheap voice acting tip, borrow a pair of pantyhose and slip them over the mic for a temporary filter.
  5. It's a mic, not a lollipop. We see rock stars do it all the time, but a good voice acting tip is to refrain from eating the microphone. While you don't want to stand far away from it, you don't really need to get all intimate with it either. Respect the mic and give it a few inches.
  6. Know your character. When you do a reading for a voice acting job, make sure you get into character. You never want to sound as if you're just reading the script. Instead, you want to make the listener feel as if they are experiencing the character you're reading for. You have to believe in the character before others can feel that.
  7. Tidy it up. Once you've finished your voice acting demo tape, another good voice acting tip is to clean it up a little. This means editing out any breathing sounds or background sounds from the beginning or end of your tape. Keep it sharp and professional.
  8. Leave your ego at the door. This is one of those simple-to-follow voice acting tips, yet one that's always overlooked. Regardless of how good you think you are, no one enjoys working with a prima donna.
  9. Be mature and professional. Don't add on to the script when you read the demo and don't read your contact info into the demo unless they've instructed you to do so. A good voice acting tip is to put contact information on all written documents but leave it off the audio.
  10. Don't get discouraged. Even if you get rejected or don't receive a callback for this audition, one of the best voice acting tips you can get is to be determined and not to give up. Voice acting can be a challenge but for those who stick it out, the reward of being able to do something you love is definitely worth the time.
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