10 Water Polo Quotes

The coaches and athletes who play water polo have a lot to do in the pool and also have a lot to say, as illustrated by the 10 water polo quotes cited below. The game of water polo is contested around the world at the Olympic level, as well in college and high school. The next big water polo milestone is at the Summer Olympic Games in London in 2012.

  1. Ahmed El-Awadi, executive director of Water Polo Canada.  “We have earned some respect from the best teams in the world … Now that we have moved into this exclusive bracket, they are setting their sights on us as dangerous and competitive.”
  2. Scott Penttila, water polo coach, Poly High School, Long Beach, Calif. "We put our shots away. We have been working on that. We usually get lots of shots, but we would miss by an inch here or an inch there. But today we were able to hit our outside shots and it helped us out." Penttilla spoke following a 16-12 early season victory.
  3. Kate Gynther, captain, Australia women’s national water polo team. "It is good to be back on the team. We are a young team and we are playing well. It is also great to see the goal-scoring has been spread around." Gynther spoke after Australia advanced to the finals of the Canada Cup.
  4. Marton Szivos of Hungary’s Water Polo team. "I used to look at the medals all the time but not any more. They're always in the back of my mind and there's an inner drive in me that I want one too." Marton was quoted about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
  5. Robin van Galen, Coach of Netherlands Water Polo team. "It's unbelievable for myself and I think for her, too. She played a good tournament. When I saw her score the first goal, I saw her face and I knew it was good.” Van Galen spoke about her player, Danielle de Bruijn, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  6. Natalie Golda, defender for U.S. Women’s Water Polo Team. "The best thing about our team is you don't really worry about who you're going to play. We win or lose by what we do. We can really beat ourselves, or we can make ourselves great.” Golda was quoted following the 2007 Pan American Games.
  7. Ryan Bailey, center for the 2008 U.S. Men’s Water Polo Team. “No one really gave us a chance, but our team goal was to win our group and to make the final four. It feels really good. Now we have to go on and win the gold medal.” Bailey was quoted on the team’s unlikely advance to the semifinals. (NYT)
  8. Tony Azevedo, member of 2008 U.S. Men’s Olympic Water Polo Team. "The biggest problem with water polo is that it's not very big. Every other sport, you get to see the stars on TV, watch them every day. With [water polo], it's probably once every four years at the Olympics. So any time I can come, show my face and talk with some of the kids, [it's important]. They're the future of our sport." Azevedo was quoted about his participation in a camp in Orlando.
  9. Greg McFadden, coach of the Australian Women’s Water Polo Team in the 2010 World Cup.“Our movement was fantastic but this game is all about ticker. You need to have ticker to win games like this and I think we had plenty of that.”  McFadden was quoted after his team’s 10-8 victory over New Zealand.
  10. Singapore Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. “Unfortunately, the team did not seek our advice on the use of the crescent moon and stars when they designed their swim trunks. We would have told them that their design is inappropriate as we want elements of the flag to be treated with dignity.” The ministry was quoted after its Water Polo team included elements of the country’s flag on its swim trunks.
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