10 Water Polo Training Tips

If you are interested in knowing what you need to start doing to get into the sport, then these 10 water polo training tips would definitely benefit you greatly. By following these tips for water polo training, you will be guaranteed to either get a good start in the sport, or get much better at the great sport of water polo.

  1. Always stretch before doing any kind of water polo training. This is very important in all forms of physical activity, but is especially important in water polo because it will help to prevent cramps that could quite possibly endanger your life from risk of drowning.
  2. Alternate between training in water and on land. This is an important aspect that many water polo trainers and trainees overlook because water training will help you to develop agility in the water, but won’t build your muscle as much because of the simple fact that they work less while in water than they do while on land.
  3. Every once in a while, do some water polo training with someone else. Doing your training with somewhere else well help you to avoid getting burned out on the training and the sport all together as it will allow you something else to focus on while you do your muscle or agility training. Just make sure that the person you decide to train with isn’t going to impede you in any way.
  4. Create a water polo training schedule. Making a schedule of your workouts is the best way to stick with them because it will give you a certain time of the week where you will get used to doing your training. This helps by allowing the water polo training to become an integrated part of your normal schedule and it won’t seem as bad when you are used to doing the hard work outs.
  5. Don’t get so caught up in the training you forget to have fun. By just focusing on the training and not enjoying the game of water polo, you will quickly get burned out and forget the reason you started playing in the first place, that being, that you love the game!
  6. Take a break from training every once in a while. Don’t get too caught up with doing this, but about once a month, after good two or three weeks of training. Be sure to take a water polo training break. Another way to start hating the game is to be constantly trying to improve it, try and leave for a day and just consider what you’re doing in your training and find ways to make it more effective.
  7. Scrimmage games are fair game for training! Practice games are the perfect way to help you see what you’ve learned about your game and what kinds of skills you’ve developed and improved. It will also teach you things that training can’t such as how to deal with other people while playing a game of water polo.
  8. Diversify your training. While training, try to not just do workouts that improve say, upper body. As yes, your arm strength and such will be greatly improved but your core and legs won’t, and these are also important aspects to your water polo game!
  9. Be sure to not let training take over your life. While many of us are passionate of our own sport or art, we still need to remember that there are other things we like to do. So just be sure that water polo training doesn’t interfere in your regular life.
  10. With that said, don’t just brush off water polo training. This is the quickest way to lose your track of the game because you aren’t improving like you want to be. Come game time you’re going to be disappointed in yourself, and possibly quit altogether!
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