10 Ways To Dress Cool

Here are 10 ways to dress cool. There are hundreds of ways to look cool and most depend on the person and the situation. Some looks are timeless; other’s have their time and fade as they should. Most depend entirely on the person wearing them, so always dress to your strengths.

  1. Jeans Hands down the sexiest thing anyone, male or female, could ever wear. No other piece of clothing is so versatile or comes in such variety. Jeans are an easy way to dress cool from beat up work pants to dark designers and they always look good.
  2. Leather Jacket Edgy, sleek, and always hot. Leather jackets are one of the best ways to dress cool, provided you wear one that fits and is a decent color. Choose carefully and take the time to look around. Don’t buy a cheap one either, they very rarely look good in real life.
  3. Leather Pants Leather pants take a little more experience then leather jackets and part of that experience is knowing what to wear with them and what style of leather pants to wear. They are definitely a way to dress cool, but be careful when you do.
  4. Boots Boots are always fashionable, provided you wear the right kind. For men, it’s hiking boots or some other kind of sport boots and never with dress pants. Boots tend to say tough, strong, outdoorsy as a way to dress cool.
  5. Dress Shirts Hands down, there’s nothing sexier on a guy then the rolled up sleeves showing off his forearms. Especially if he’s got really nice arms. The common dress shirt is great for men because it shows off both figures extremely well, making it a natural way to dress cool.
  6. Plaid All right, plaid is a tricky one. If you pick the right one you come off as cool, casual, but still hot. If you pick the wrong one it looks too lumberjack. Definitely a way to dress cool but choose wisely.
  7. Skinny Pants Just keep in mind that some women find it a little weird when a guy’s pants are tighter then hers.
  8. Jewelry A simple bracelet can be a stunner if worn right. For guys a watch suffices, or a nice ID bracelet can be tough but stylish. A necklace should be simple, a chain with something important on it. The same goes with rings, neat, clean, and nothing gaudy.
  9. Socks Unless you’re walking around with your shoes off, no one should see your socks boys. Keep them simple and out of sight and by the love of god they better not be "Star Wars" socks.
  10. Muscle Shirts The name is kind of self explanatory guys, Not to be mean but they’re called muscle shirts for a reason so be careful when you try this way to dress cool.  
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