10 Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

Do you want to know 10 ways to impress your girlfriend? Well, having an insight into the female mind is a great way to make sure your girl stays happy. Women are very emotional and complicated creatures, so if you want to keep your girlfriend smiling and giving up the loving, then you will need to continuously impress her. For those men that do not know what kind of things impress a women, today is your lucky day! Here are ten ways that you can impress your girlfriend.

  1. Cook for her. Women love a man that can cook a nice, romantic dinner and clean up the mess afterward. So if you are good with your sautéing, that could be just the key to impress her.
  2. Watch a chick flick. Aside from being masculine, women also like when their man can channel their sensitive side, cuddle up with them, and watch a nice chick flick. Here's a tip “Steel Magnolias” is the best!
  3. Clean the house. If you are really looking to score some major brownie points, cleaning the house is a great way to get them! Most women love order and things to be clean and smelling nice. Take a day out of your busy schedule to organize the bedroom or disinfect the bathroom can go a long way.
  4. Buy her something just because! Women love to be showered with gifts. If you want to impress her, trying bringing her flowers or chocolates just because.
  5. Listen to her. Another great way to impress your girlfriend is to listen to something she is really passionate about. Be sincere and give your honest opinion. She will not only being impressed, but her level of respect for you may skyrocket.
  6. Keep your attention focused on her. If you want to impress your girlfriend, then your eyes cannot stray. If you are spending an evening with your girlfriend, then it will be wise to keep your eyes focused on her. This will not only show your dedication to her, it also shows her that you have self-control.
  7. Tell her those three special words. Women love when men can express how they feel in front of anyone. If you really want to impress your girl, you should say those three special words to her in front of her friends, family or plain old strangers. “I love you” goes a long way!
  8. Call her at random times. Another way to impress your girlfriend is to call her during times that she would not normally expect you to call her. Call her in the morning just to tell her that you are thinking of her or call her at work just to let her know that you miss her.
  9. Plan something romantic. Whisking your girlfriend off her feet on a romantic weekend getaway is a sure fire way to impress her. She will not only feel extremely special, but you may get lucky!
  10. Be nice to her family. Most women are really big on family. So whether it’s her nosy mother or cocky brother, being able to deal with her family in a friendly manner will not only impress her, but it can also be a turn on as well.  
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