10 Ways to Improve Restaurant Service

When going out to dinner, everyone wants to have the best time they can, so it is good to know ten ways to improve restaurant service. Improve the quality of restaurant service given for you and your entire party of friends or family.

Reserve a table. Call the restaurant ahead of time and reserve a table, especially if you want to attend on a night that will be busy and packed with people. This lets you and the restaurant know that you will be attending that night and that they can count on a customer and you can count on a table.

Arrive during off hours or days. Visit your favorite restaurant when it isn’t at its busiest. This will assure that your server has more time for you and isn’t stressed about ten other tables as well as yours. Sometimes attending just an hour earlier than the normal lunch or dinner time will improve the restaurant service.

Be polite. Take the manners you were taught while growing up and use them. Always be polite to the people who will be handling your food, from the cook to the hostess to the server. Being polite to an obviously distraught server will improve your restaurant service and give you a much better experience than those who complain.

Explain any issues before the meal arrives. Allergies, special diet concerns, or any other issues concerning your meal should be discussed with your server when ordering. Explaining that you cannot have cheese on your chicken due to an allergy to dairy, and not just because you don’t like the taste, may get your server to be more adamant about your order when she gives it to the cooks.

Build a relationship with the server. Sending a Christmas card may be a bit much, but building a relationship with the employees at your favorite restaurant will go a long way towards having excellent restaurant service. Joke with them, ask how their classes or going or how their kids or doing. They will appreciate that you remembered them and will do more to remember you and what you like.

Make your children be polite. Children can ruin the restaurant service for not only you but the employees and the other patrons of the restaurant. Do not let children run around the tables, lean over the backs of booths, or throw things. A server will be grateful if your children are polite and well-mannered.

Use the server’s name. Calling someone, “Hey, you” isn’t going to improve the quality of your dining experience. Use their name when you are trying to get their attention. Do not yell across the dining room or call out to them while they are at someone else’s table.

Do not make a mess. Pretend you are in your own home, or better yet, someone else’s home. Do not throw food or empty the salt shaker out onto your plate. If you happen to make a mess, let the server know as soon as possible so that they can help you clean it up.

Accept there may be problems. Nothing is perfect and restaurant service will always have its ups and downs. Accept that something may go wrong, that your server may forget to bring your coffee or that the wait may be longer than you expected. Acknowledging that there may be mistakes before you get to the dining establishment will help you weather them when they do happen.

Tip well. Tip the server at least fifteen percent, and better yet, twenty percent. A server may not always remember a good tipper but they will remember a bad tipper. Improving your next trip to the restaurant may begin at the end of your last meal.

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