10 Ways to Know Your Relationship is Doomed

Chances are if you are involved in a relationship, your relationship is doomed. According to Americans for Divorce Reform, “40 or possibly up to 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce” and that's just marriages. Dating is a series of trial and error, so you can expect trials and errors in great plenty. Is this reason for despair? No. You might be one of the lucky ones or you might even be able to enjoy what you have while it lasts and be glad of the change when it comes. In order to gracefully accept change, however, you must be prepared. What are the classic harbingers of romantic doom? Here are a few:

  1. If you and your partner share few things in common, your relationship is doomed. You might have been told opposites attract, but not if your partner is not interested in what you do or think.
  2. If you feel like you cannot be honest with your partner, your relationship is doomed. Regardless of the reason, this is a bad sign. Truth has a habit of turning up. If you don't think she wants to hear about it now, later won't make the situation any better.
  3. If you and your partner are not sexually compatable, your relationship is doomed. This goes hand in hand with the previous one. What is the level of your libido? What do you like? Does your partner know? Does she actively try to satisfy those needs, be they kinky or conservative? Does she do the same for you?
  4. If you are young, your relationship is doomed. Sorry, kiddo. You will make mistakes.
  5. If you or your partner have a history of losing interest in relationships, your relationship is doomed. For a relationship to last, both parties must be seriously committed. Not everyone wants to do that.
  6. If you or your partner are trying to change the other, your relationship is doomed. To a certain degree, a relationship will change a person. These things happen naturally and can't be forced. If your partner can't change you into the image she sees in her head, the next best thing is changing partners.
  7. If your own goals conflict with the goals of your partner, your relationship is doomed. Everyone has personal ambitions. Sometimes a relationship makes these easier to achieve. If not, personal goals will ultimately take precedence.
  8. If your partner avoids "together time", your relationship is doomed. Whether this means dates downtown or quiet nights at home, these are the times when bond between you and your partner are strengthened. Without this nourishment, a relationship will whither.
  9. If your partner's behavior towards you has changed for the worse, your relationship is doomed. Does your partner respect you? You can tell by her actions. Rude behavior is a clear indication of some variety of dissatisfaction.
  10. If your partner is verbally expressing her doubts, your relationship is doomed. They aren't happy. They've told you. Now you have the opportunity to do something about it, but that's not always possible.

Is your relationship doomed? Probably. Don't be frightened, you can always have another shot. It just might not be with the person you imagined.

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