10 Ways To Make Her Smile

If you have a special lady friend, take a look at these 10 ways to make her smile. These small, thoughtful steps are guaranteed to brighten her day.

  1. Call her just to say hi. This lets her know that you're thinking of her, and want to hear her voice.
  2. Bring her flowers. As cheesy and cliché as this is, most women appreciate the sentiment and thought. When you show up at the door with a bouquet–even of hand-picked flowers–it will almost always make her smile.
  3. Plan a surprise date. When you plan a surprise date or activity and take care of all the details, it shows her how thoughtful you are.
  4. Cook for her. This is almost guaranteed to make her smile. She will love seeing you in the kitchen, making something just for her.
  5. Make her a mix CD. Receiving a mix CD from a guy she likes can take a woman back to her teen years.
  6. Send her a note–in the mail. Everyone loves getting real mail! Just taking the time to write a note or card and stick a stamp on it shows some extra initiative that she will appreciate. When she opens her mailbox and sees your handwriting, it will definitely make her smile.
  7. Give her something creative. Some women really appreciate a homemade gift, whether it's a poem, a drawing, a song, or a photo collage. 
  8. Do something she likes, even if it's outside of your comfort zone. This means doing something she likes to do, even if it's not your favorite thing. The classic example is going to the ballet, but it can be anything. It shows her that you're willing to put her needs and desires first and will surely make her smile.
  9. Remember things she says. Pay attention when she talks. When you later reference a conversation, it shows her you're listening and that you care!
  10. Do something corny. This can be pretty much anything; taking pictures together in a photo booth, riding a Ferris wheel, going to the zoo. Cheesy, fun activities together are bound to make her smile, and help you create a great memory together.
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