10 Ways to Ruin A Relationship

These 10 ways to ruin a relationship are missteps that can turn a seemingly good relationship into a miserable, soul-sucking void for both of you. If you want to stick with your significant other, avoid making these mistakes!

  1. Move in together too quickly. Okay, you think you love each other. You want to take the next step, but moving in together when you’re still in the formative stages of your relationship can be the beginning of disaster. If you’re still in the early part of falling in love, there will be no romance for you in sharing a bathroom with her, or in picking up her dirty laundry.
  2. Talk about your ex. Do you want to hear her talk about how her ex-boyfriend went camping with her dad and brought her flowers on President’s Day? No? Exactly. She doesn’t want to hear about your ex, either. Reminiscing about your former lady friend with your new one is a surefire way to ruin a relationship.
  3. Accuse her of cheating. If you have serious cause to think that your girlfriend is cheating, then you might want to not even bother reading the rest of this list, and go dump her now. But if you get a little crazy or paranoid and start throwing out accusations that have no real basis in fact, she will probably not stick around to listen to them for very long.
  4. Be too possessive. A tiny bit of jealousy is not necessarily a bad thing, and can even show your girlfriend that you care. Being super-jealous and possessive, on the other hand, will ruin a relationship in no time. No one wants to feel controlled.
  5. Criticize. It’s one thing to voice complaints about a situation, but criticizing your girlfriend’s character or personality will get you nowhere. Constant criticism just leads to resentment bubbling under the surface, which can easily ruin a relationship.
  6. Lose your cool during arguments. Arguments are unavoidable and will most likely not ruin a relationship on their own. If you don’t fight well—if you yell, call your girlfriend names or punch a wall—that’s a different story.
  7. Break promises. Part of building a trusting relationship is coming through when you make a promise. If you say you’ll be at her mom’s birthday party and don’t show, you’re telling her that you don’t care. Damaging trust is one of the most insidious ways to ruin a relationship.
  8. Hold grudges. If you can’t let go of something she said six months ago, you’re adding fuel to the relationship-ruining fire. Holding a grudge is one of the most annoying things a significant other can do, and it will end up making your relationship more strained and tense.
  9. Be needy. Even when you’re in love with someone, you both still need your space. Insisting that she spend every waking moment with you is only going to drive her away.
  10. Refuse to compromise. Relationships are built, in part, on compromise and respect for one another. If you can’t reach middle ground with her because of stubbornness or selfishness, you are well on your way to ruining your relationship.
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