10 Ways To Tell That She Is Faking It

If you think your girlfriend isn't truly enjoying herself in the bedroom, here are 10 ways to tell if she is faking it. Women are mysterious creatures, no doubt about it. They're moody and unpredictable. They get upset and then won't tell you why. One of the biggest mysteries about women however, is whether or not that climax she just had was real or not.

  1. Did her volume suddenly shift from one extreme to the other? Chances are pretty good that she's faking it if, out of nowhere, she suddenly starts screaming the house down. If your lady isn't usually shy about making noise in bed,then this may not be so unusual.  
  2. Are her nipples erect? Erect nipples can be a fairly good indicator as to whether or not that orgasm she just had was real or not. As a general rule, a woman's nipples will stand erect if she's aroused to the point of orgasm. Nipple stimulation can cause a false positive, however.
  3. What state was her clitoris in? A surefire way to tell if that orgasm was a fake or the real deal would be to check out her clitoris. If a woman just had an orgasm, then her clitoris will be visibly swollen and extremely sensitive to the touch. If her clitoris doesn't appear to be swollen at all, then she was most likely faking it.
  4. Did she display a sudden shift in involvement? If she suddenly switches from being very uninvolved in the proceedings to significantly more active, it probably means that she's gearing up to fake her orgasm. Pay attention to her demeanor. If she doesn't seem to be very into it until just before that alleged orgasm, then she was faking it.
  5. Was she wet? If she says that she climaxed but she wasn't wet when she finished, then she most likely didn't actually have an orgasm. When a woman is aroused, she'll produce her own natural lubricant. And most women will ejaculate at least some fluid when they orgasm, although they won't necessarily "squirt." Some types of birth control can interfere with a woman's ability to produce this natural lubricant, although most will become at least slightly wet when aroused.
  6. How eager was she to get out of bed after? If she takes off out of bed like a bat out of hell, that doesn't bode well. Generally, after a woman has an orgasm, she'll want to lay there and revel for a minute or two afterward. An eagerness to jump straight out of bed definitely indicates a faked orgasm.
  7. Did you feel the walls of her vagina contract around your penis? When a woman has an orgasm, then her vaginal walls will tighten and contract. A smart woman can still fake that by doing some Kegel exercises. But it's fairly impossible to fake the vaginal spasms that occur with an orgasm.
  8. How was her breathing afterward? Another good indicator of an orgasm is a woman's breathing. Labored breathing usually means than an orgasm actually occurred. Easy, calm breathing is not typical after a real orgasm, but is to be expected after a fake orgasm.
  9. What kind of facial expressions did she make? Most woman make a pretty distinctive "O" face. A facial expression that conveys boredom or basically any other emotion other than bliss should be a warning sign. While the facial expression is fairly easy to fake, some women forget about it, since they're trying so hard to fake other signs.
  10. Just ask her! Usually, women don't like having to fake an orgasm. If she's faking, it's because she's not getting something she needs. Ask her if she enjoyed herself. A reluctance to answer or answering too quickly is usually a sign of guilt. If she's suggests trying something new, then it's suggested that you take her up on it.
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