10 Wedding Party Gift Ideas

If you have been invited to a wedding, then you definitely need to know these 10 wedding party gift ideas. In order to make the newlyweds very happy, you assume that the right gift must be pricey and fancy. However, you can always buy the descent gift without going over your budget. The list will show you the best wedding party gift ideas out there.

  1. Money. Although money can’t buy everyone happiness, the newlyweds wouldn’t say No to it. Money will create a win-win situation. You can offer any amount you want; while they can do whatever they want with the money after the wedding.
  2. Gift card. If you know the particular department store that the newlyweds love to shop at, buying them a gift card from that department store is an awesome idea. You can put any value on the gift card if the store doesn’t have any restrictions on its denominations.
  3. Massage package. A wedding is known to be a super joyful thing, but it can be a very stressful life event. The newlyweds may look great on the surface; however, they don’t know how to relax themselves. A massage package will come in practical and handy.
  4. Weekend getaway. If you want to cherish the marriage of the newlyweds, purchasing them a weekend getaway will be a winner. Depending on their preference, the getaway can be a romantic dinner cruise, or a vacation resort.
  5. Health spa membership. While the newlyweds are getting very busy with their married life, it is no shocker for them to forget their health. They will appreciate your gesture for getting them a health spa membership for one year.
  6. Silverware set. The newlyweds wouldn’t mind if you can furnish their dining table with the silverware set. They can use them as decorations, or just put them in actual use.  
  7. Knife block set. Regardless of how much cooking the newlyweds will do, it will never hurt to have a knife block set in their kitchen. Instead of having all the knives engraved, engraving the block should be good enough.
  8. Antique clock. The antique clock is served as a symbol of preciousness. As time goes by, the value of this piece of antique will appreciate. You are making a great point to the newlyweds: Their marriage will do the same!
  9. Champagne glass set. Whether the newlyweds like to drink champagne or not, the glass set can be a very nice wedding keepsake. Having the set engraved will definitely make this gift completely memorable. 
  10. Matching pajamas. If you want to give the newlyweds a gift for everyday use, matching pajamas will do it. Embroidering their nicknames on the pajamas will make the gift unique.
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