10 Weekend Getaway For Guys

Listed below are 10 weekend getaways for guys. Men often like to participate in particular activities and these spots have plenty of those activities guys enjoy. Active men will have an awesome time visiting any of these travel spots, as there is plenty to do and a lot of fun to be had at each of them. The following are ten weekend getaways for guys.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada Vegas is the place to be for boys who want to go somewhere that is sure to provide a good time. Gambling, nightlife and great shows are all popular Las Vegas attractions.
  2. Montauk, New York For guys living in the city who have access to transportation, a ride up to the top of Long Island is always worth the time. A beach community that has some of the best surfing and fishing in the world is located there.
  3. Palm Springs, California For west coast people who enjoy laid-back atmospheres and sports such as golf and tennis, Palm Springs, located not too far from Los Angeles, is a great weekend getaway for guys.
  4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina/Tennessee Located between North Carolina and Tennessee, guys who enjoy the outdoors and related activities, such as hiking, climbing, nature watching and camping, will seldom be let down in visiting this great weekend getaway spot in the Southeast. Other activities are also available in and around the park.
  5. Key West, Florida For men who like the beach, fishing, snorkeling, diving and nightlife, Key West, one of Florida's bottom keys, is a great weekend getaway. This small island has beautiful beaches and palm-lined streets.
  6. Outer Banks, North Carolina The Outer Banks of North Carolina have great coastal activities: Surfing, fishing, boating and other beach attractions all draw in plenty of people each spring, summer and fall. Winter also has great fishing for serious anglers who can brave the cold.
  7. Morrison, Colorado For guys who like extreme sports like white water kayaking and rafting, this part of Colorado is the place to go if you want to get away for a couple of days and do what you love. Located near the center of the state, everyone in Colorado has easy access to this area.
  8. Miami, Florida For men who like to participate in the nightlife and club scene, Miami has everything you could ever want. With plenty of daytime activities, Miami also appeals to anyone who lives in inland Florida and wants to come to the beach for a couple of days.
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans is known for its great nightlife and partying. It is best to visit New Orleans in the days surrounding Mardi Gras. Fishing and other activities, like ghost walks, are also popular in New Orleans.
  10. Reno, Nevada Located in a beautiful part of the state of Nevada, Reno has gambling, nightlife and wonderful daytime activities in the area, such as hiking and rafting. However, most people visit the city for its social scene.

Listed above are ten weekend getaways for guys. All of these cities cater to men with specific interests, but for the most part, if you are interested in the outdoors, sports, beaches or nightlife, you can find a great travel spot in one of these cities.

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