10 Weird Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Want to learn about ten weird questions to ask your girlfriend? It all depends on what kind of man you are and how close you are with your girlfriend. There are some men who will be smart enough not to ask outlandish questions, but if you are one of those guys who either just doesn't care or speaks his mind regardless of consequences, well then you might ask some of these ten weird questions to ask your girlfriend.

  1. Did you douche? This is an almost guaranteed slap to the face every time, no matter what the context. To ask such a question might be hilarious to talk about with your buddies later on top of the massive red hand print across your face, but all in all it wouldn't be advised. This is definitely fitting for the number one spot on the ten weird questions to ask your girlfriend list. 
  2. Is one of your boobs smaller than the other? You might as well kiss those boobs goodbye. This is an example of what not to say; even if they are unevenly distributed, this is one way to guarantee that you never see them ever again. Truly fitting of the number two spot on the ten weird questions to ask your girlfriend list.
  3. What was your and your ex-boyfriend's favorite sex position? This may top the charts as far as weird factor goes. It doesn't matter what position she liked with her ex because she is with you now and you should focus on making her forget all about any exes she ever had before you; that includes sexual positions. 
  4. Do you have any hot sisters? First thing that comes to mind is "why?" This is going to be perceived as you wanting her sisters over her. Definitely a weird question to ask your girlfriend. 
  5. Have you ever been admitted to a mental institution? Maybe your girlfriend is acting crazy and you just bluntly pop the question. I would hate to see the reaction. Well worthy of being number five of the ten weird questions to ask your girlfriend list.
  6. When was your last herpes outbreak? Why would anyone ask this? Well maybe you wake up one morning and she has a cold sore on her lip. It may have been a rough night and you may just be waking up to a bad hangover; the last thing on your mind is considering someone else's feelings. More than likely she will slap you and burst into tears. Not a good move, but truly a weird question to ask your girlfriend.
  7. You're not really going out like that, are you? Ouch! This one is a shot right between the eyes which could either end up in the oh so preferred slap to the face, or a bursting into tears depending on the personality type of your girlfriend. This one is a weird question to ask your girlfriend simply because I don't know of many guys who would be dumb enough to ask such a thing.
  8. How long did it take to squeeze into those jeans? Depending on what body part you are referring to when asking this question, you might just be able to get away with it; more times than not you won't. Definitely a weird question to ask your girlfriend all the same. 
  9. Have you had a lot of practice with other guys sexually? Maybe you think she is really good in bed and you are just not one of those guys who thinks things through before they are said aloud. Your intentions were to say that she was the best you have ever had in bed, but it definitely came out way wrong and you managed to portray her as someone who is sexually promiscuous. Weird question to ask your girlfriend for sure. 
  10. How far along are you? This is a big no-no question for sure unless you know for sure that she is in fact pregnant. This is doing nothing but implying that you think she looks fat, and this is a recipe for disaster any way you slice it. Not recommended if you value your relationship. A really weird question to ask your girlfriend. 



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