10 Wife’s Name Tattoo Ideas

Nothing ties the proverbial knot better than permanently scarring your skin, so here's 10 wife's name tattoo ideas that, for better or worse, you'll be stuck with 'til death do you part! Yeah sure, you could get it burnt off or gone over, but a tattoo solidifying your love for your spouse will always leave physical traces that can't just be forgotten about. Now that's true love!

  1. Back piece. The back piece is a classic approach to any ink idea, which makes it a perfect opening for our 10 wife's name tattoo ideas list. Whether it's incorporated into a large piece of work, or just sprawled across your back like on a football player's jersey, the back piece is an expensive investment that's hard to ignore. The only other way to make your relationship status any more obvious is to maybe get her name spelled on your forehead… But just because you're married doesn't mean you need to be socially unacceptable in expressing your love.
  2. Wedding ring. Coming from he standpoint of most men, rings are just plain annoying! Rather than force yourself to become accustomed to a piece of metal on your finger, why not just get her name permanently affixed there? It's subtle, kind of traditional, and you have no reason what-so-ever to take it off.
  3. Heart. Here's the most obvious idea on our 10 wife's name tattoo ideas list. The heart has been a symbol for love since time immemorial, so it's only fitting to express how you really feel by getting her name and heart permanently stamped on your body. You can't really go wrong with this idea-that is, unless you're just with the wrong woman.
  4. Lock and key. You have the lock, she has the key, or she has the key and you have the lock-either way it's a great way to express your love! The best part of this idea is that you get to invent your own meaning for this one, because no one really knows what the whole "lock and key" thing symbolizes anyway!
  5. Chest piece. Yet another classic location for any tattoo, the wife's name chest piece tattoo can either appear as just text or accompany some sort of art work. Maybe you could even combine a few ideas here, like a heart on your chest, or a heart lock being opened by your wife's key. If you're that strapped for ideas, then you could always get your wife's name just above your sugar skull or whatever other chest piece you already have.
  6. Stomach. The rappers of the past got it right: if you really love someone or something, get it tattooed across your stomach! This is perhaps the best idea on our 10 wife's name tattoo ideas list. Not only will you profess your love, but you'll look badass doing it!
  7. Mudflap woman silhouette. Obviously you think your wife's a babe or you wouldn't have married her. What better way to let the world know than by getting the hot mudflap woman silhouette and your wife's name? Maybe you'll even inspire her to get a similar one of you!
  8. Forearm. The forearm is a nice spot for any tattoo because it's usually visible in everyday life. Why not get a huge piece of your wife's name sprawled across your entire forearm? No one will ever doubt your dedication!
  9. Butt. Now, your wife may not initially like the idea of her name decorating your ass, but the butt is a great place to get a secret tattoo. Unless you have a habit of walking around in ass-less pants, only your wife is going to see this one. It's like a dirty little secret!
  10. Foreign characters. Guys have been doing this one for years, and the "wife's name in foreign letters" thing will never go out of style. Plus if you ever get divorced, you can just make up a new meaning for it! I know, chances are if you're getting a tattoo like this you're not thinking about what might potentially happen-but I'm telling you, hope for the best, plan for the worst.
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