10 Wii Sports Bowling Tips

These ten Wii sports bowling tips will help you get more out of what is already a fun and very interactive video game. The Wii sports bowling game uses the real motion of rolling a bowling ball to create the effect that you are really bowling. Use these ten Wii sports bowling tips to make sure you score as high as possible.

  1. Game play area. There are games you can play with the Wii that do not require a lot of room to move. However, Wii sports bowling is not one of them. One of the more important Wii sports bowling tips is to make sure you have enough room to swing your arm around safely. You will also want to eliminate any couches or barriers to a clear signal between the Wii controller and the receiver.
  2. Swinging your arm. Practice swinging your arm before starting with actual game play. Since the Wii remote is small, it can be tempting to keep your arm close to your body. Keep your arm an inch or two away from your body to prevent interruption of your throwing motion.
  3. Tempo. The key to Wii sports bowling is to establish a good tempo. This key element of the ten Wii sports bowling tips reminds you that if you swing too fast, then the receiver will not be able to pick up your motions. The more even your motion is, the harder your character will throw the ball.
  4. Use the arrows. Just like in real bowling, you need to use the alley arrows in Wii sports bowling to properly line up your shots. So long as your motion is consistent, the arrows can be your guide to strikes.
  5. The head pin. If you throw your ball directly at the head pin, or the number one pin, then you will get a split. Make first contact between the one and three or the one and two pins to avoid a split.
  6. Positioning your character. Experiment with positioning your character to get the best results. Remember that you can move your character back and forth on the foul line with the arrow keys, and if you press the "A" button you can throw the ball at an angle.
  7. Throwing for accuracy. If your arm comes through straight in your Wii sports bowling motion, then the ball will go straight. If you are coming through to the left or right, then the ball will follow. Make sure you are throwing the ball in the direction you intend to by maintaining control over your arm.
  8. Spinning the ball. This entry on the list of ten Wii sports bowling tips will take some practice, but it can be worth it. You can spin your ball on Wii just like you can in real bowling. As you prepare to release the button on the controller as you arm is in the bowling motion, twist your wrist slowly. If you twist your wrist just prior to releasing the ball, it will spin.
  9. Ball speed. Controlling the speed with which you throw the ball requires a lot of practice with Wii sports bowling. There is a "sweet spot" with your arm speed that will generate the fastest ball speed on the game. Once you determine that ideal arm speed, any speed slower will result in a slower ball. Arm speed faster than the ideal arm speed will result in a missed roll or a ball that goes nowhere you meant it to.
  10. Alley curve. Get used to how your alley curves in the game. The slower you throw the ball, the more you will see the effect of the curve. This becomes extremely important when you are trying to throw a deliberately slow ball to pick up a single-pin spare.
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