10 Wing Tattoo Ideas

These 10 Wing Tattoo Ideas are divided between tattoos that have wings as part of the art work and tattoos that are meant to go on the "wings" of the body, or the muscle that runs between the upper arm and the side of the trunk of the body. Use these ideas or modify them as needed for you personal taste and needs in the area of tattoos.

These tattoos are for the "wing" part of the body.

  1. Spider webs. Create a spider web going from one edge of the "wing" to another. The spider web may cover the wing only or may extend to other areas connected to the wing.
  2. Feathers. A wing tattoo of small feather in the wing area of the body gives new meaning to the term "wing" for weight lifters and body builders.
  3. Muscles. For those that are avid body builders, a tattoo that looks like a realistic muscle on the wing is a great way to accent your love of body building and to define and accent your wings. Torn flesh tattoos around the muscle tattoo gives and air of raw muscle.
  4. Webbing. If you are a body builder that loves to play in the water, webbing on the wings may be just the thing you need to advertise your devotion to your body, body building and water sports.
  5. Full back tattoo using wings as accents. A full back tattoo, such as an angel, or bird of some type can be extended to the wings by using the wings of the body as the wing tips for the object of your choice. Angels, dragons and birds are some great ideas for the center of the artwork.

 These tattoos are meant for use with wings as the tattoo on any part of the body.

  1. Angel wings on shoulder blades. Women might enjoy small angel or cherub wings on their shoulder blades. This is a very feminine tattoo that accents a woman's innocence while the very existence of a tattoo at all lends some mystery to where that innocence ends.
  2. Dragon wings on shoulder blades. Dragon wings tattooed on shoulder blades can be for men or women. Women might like a light colored, smaller version than men would. Men's dragon wings can be made to look leathery and worn, adding a fantastical, rustic quality to the man's body.
  3. Wings with ribbon. A set of wings anywhere on the body, with a ribbon between them can hold a name on the ribbon. This is a classic way of honoring someone who was deeply loved or has died.
  4. Wings on the ankle. Whether you love Greek mythology, have a devotion to walking or running or just like the idea of wings on your ankles, this is a unique way of expressing yourself. This tattoo will also advertise your tolerance for pain since the ankle area is one of the more sensitive areas.
  5. Butterfly wings. Butterfly wings as a small tattoo anywhere on the body are the height of femininity. Butterflies are also rumored to be especially attracted to kind hearted people with a heightened level of sensitivity. Women can use butterflies on their body to emphasis their gentle nature.
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