10 Winter Camping Tips

Here are 10 winter camping tips. Most people don’t think about camping out in the winter, but it is just as fun and it’s a great experience for anyone who loves the outdoors.


  1. Wear Warm Cloths Really, this might seem a bit obvious, but people still come out of the woods with frostbite and hypothermia. Pack warm cloths, long johns, parkas, etc. They might seem large and bulky but it’s better then spending a week in the hospital or having a toe amputated.
  2. Socks Bring extra socks and change them often. Cold equals wet, and dry socks can be lifesavers when on a camping trip. Gangrene can cost you a foot if you’re not careful and really, it’s just feels better to have warm dry feet.
  3. Hiking Boots Make sure you bring comfortable hiking boots. Not shoes, not tennis shoes, not flats, hiking boots. Make sure they are waterproof when you buy them or waterproof them yourself. You can get waterproofing kits at any sportsmen’s warehouse.
  4. Tent Make sure you have a tent that is built to preserve heat and can stand up to water and snow, should either decide to start pouring down during your trip. Make sure it’s also a tent you can pack up on short notice if the weather gets too bad.
  5. Sleeping Bag They have flannel lined sleeping bags, get one. Not only are they warm, they’re comfortable and don’t stick to you when you sweat, and they are usually padded more then a normal sleeping bag making them more comfortable.
  6. Location When you’re camping out in the winter be smart. Don’t camp out on the top of a mountain if it’s the middle of winter and it’s guaranteed to snow. Camping in the snow isn’t the problem, getting off the mountain if there’s trouble is. Keep possible problems in mind when you pick your location.
  7. GPS/Map A GPS needs to hookup to a satellite to be useful and in the winter, when it storms, that’s not always a guarantee. Bring a good map of the area, well marked with roads and buildings, just in case. And make sure it’s laminated so it isn’t damaged by water.
  8. Vehicle Make sure, if things get really bad, you can get to your vehicle. That doesn’t mean you have to camp right next to the parking lot, just be sure that you and who ever you are with can physically make it to the vehicle if things get too bad.
  9. Heater You can bring a heater; there are several kinds of travel heaters with different fuels that you can buy for a winter camping trip. Just be careful when handling it and the fuel and read the directions carefully. You don’t want to accidently set your tent on fire in the middle of the night.
  10.  Gear Bring a pocketknife and a small shovel at least. With these two you can handle most emergencies when camping out in the winter. Waterproof bags AKA trash bags will also come in handy; basically use your common sense when deciding what to bring.  



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