10 Winter Date Ideas: Boston

When it’s cold outside get creative when thinking of fun winter date ideas in Boston. Instead of just dinner and a movie, here are some ideas that take advantage of the weather and a few others that will help you warm up and get cozy.

  1. Go skiing or snowboarding. Sign up for private lessons. Your date would rather get tips from a pro—even if you’ve been hitting the slopes since you were a kid. Unless you’ve won an Olympic medal, hire a pro. There are several ski resorts within 90 miles of Boston, making it an easy day trip.
  2. Try ice fishing. You might not get enough fish to eat for dinner, but you will share a unique experience and try a new sport.  You can go to Ponkapoag Pond, in the Blue Hills Reservation, just outside of Boston and rent a cabin and go ice fishing nearby.
  3. Build a snowman. Even though it sounds simple enough, it should take you a little while to build a good sized snowman. This gives  you a chance to exercise and see how the two of you work together. 
  4. Go to a Boston Celtics basketball game. The NBA season starts to get intense during the winter. Going to a game and cheering on a team against a common enemy gets you and your date on the same page.
  5. Cut your own Christmas tree. Getting out there and cutting down your own tree taps into every man’s hidden desire to be a provider. After you get the tree home, decorating the tree is the second phase of this fun winter date.
  6. Ice skating. Take advantage of Frog Pond in downtown, or head to one of many indoor rinks opening in the suburbs. You have the excuse of holding hands to avoid falling down. When you're done you can warm up with hot cocoa.
  7. Get out of town for the weekend and go somewhere warm. When you and your honey come home with tans, it will be like your own little secret.  A weekend of sun will rejuvenate you for the rest of the winter.
  8. Stay in. Rent some classic movies then order take out that goes with the theme of your movies. Put on "The Godfather" then order Italian from a place like Alfredo's Italian Kitchen. If you have a fireplace, now is the time to fire it up and get cozy.
  9. Volunteer. During the holiday season there are many need people looking for help. Spending an afternoon volunteering at a soup kitchen can help you appreciate your own life.
  10. Sign up for a cooking class. Cooking classes are a great way to keep your hands busy and eliminate some of the awkward moments on a date. You can learn how to incorporate seasonal elements or cook a traditional holiday feast.

No matter which of these you try, you will have a great time as long as your approach your winter dates with an open mind and an open heart.  Now get out there and call someone!

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