10 Winter Fashion Tips For Men

Follow these 10 winter fashion tips for men to know to wear when the weather gets cold. When it's chilly out and all you want to do is bundle up. Fortunately, you can still be fashionable while doing so. These tips will help you build a wardrobe that's stylish, but still full of comfort and warmth. They will give you ideas for a classic wardrobe that keeps it simple in a stylish way.

  1. Purchase a good winter hat. A good hat is one of the most essential winter fashion tips for men. You want something that will keep the warmth in, but won't look weird. Consider purchasing a basic ski cap or a newsboy hat. It's best to avoid things such as ear muffs or hats that have pom poms.
  2. Don't throw an end of your scarf over your shoulder. Instead, you should learn how to properly tie a scarf. A good way to do this is by the Parisian method. This involves folding the scarf in half and wrapping it around your neck. Then, you need to pull the two ends of the scarf through the loop that was created when the scarf was folded. To go for a more casual look, just do a once-around knot.
  3. Invest in some under armor shirts. This is another essential winter fashion tip for men. These shirts are great for layering. They can be worn under sweaters or other shirts without adding unnecessary bulk. Along with that, they are a great way to keep warm. No one will ever know you're even wearing one.
  4. Purchase more than one coat. Coats are a vital part of a winter wardrobe. Although sport coats are nice, they aren't good for all occasions. For instance, if you're wearing a suit, it would be a good idea to purchase a wool topcoat to wear with it. Along with that, leather coats are also good for many occasions. Make sure that your basic winter jacket is warm. It should also be made of waterproof synthetic material.
  5. Take care of your leather coat so it doesn't get ruined. This is an important winter fashion tip for men because you don't want to walk around in a ruined coat, especially when steps could have been taken to prevent it. Get a water-repellant spray and use it. Any salt stains that may occur can be fixed by using a white vinegar and water solution. Try to treat the problem immediately.  
  6. When picking gloves, stay neutral. This is an important winter fashion tip for men because many go over board. Gloves should compliment an outfit. They should not be a distraction. Don't pick something that has crazy designs or is bulky. It's best to go with something neutral. For instance, a nice pair of leather gloves are a good way to compliment an outfit.
  7. Don't wear bulky sweaters. They will make you look heavier then you actually are. There are better sweaters to choose from. These sweaters are insulated, but they don't have the bulk that over-sized sweaters do. Instead of bulky sweaters, wear things such as cashmere hoodies, and tailored topcoats.
  8. Choose warmer pants. A good winter fashion tip for men is to choose pants that are made in a heavier weight fabric. It will leave you warmer and will look more appropriate for the weather conditions.
  9. Never wear Ugg boots. Although it's cold, there are better options than Ugg boots. The type of boots worn should depend on the outfit. For example, Timberland boots are good when you're wearing a pair of jeans.
  10. Colors don't have to be all neutral and dark. This final winter fashion tip for men let you know that you brighten it up a bit. For instance, if you're wearing a neutral outfit, it's okay to brighten it up with a more lively scarf. Picking something bright or with a pattern isn't always a bad thing.
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