10 Winter Outfits Ideas For Men

Coming up with ten winter outfit ideas for men isn't difficult at all. Now, if you asked how to create ten winter ideas for women, most people would pass. But, as far as guys go, outfit ideas don't have to be all that complicated. As far as putting together winter outfit ideas for men is concerned, you have to worry about two things. You need your outfit ideas to look nice, while at the same time, they have to keep you warm. Check out these winter outfit ideas for guys.

  1. East Coast style. People out East are used to the cold. It can be cold six months out of the year. No one wants to wear bulky clothing all the time. What winter outfit ideas do they use? Layers. They wear layers of clothing to combat the cold while still remaining stylish.
  2. Peacoat. Without question. If you're trying to look good and stay warm in the winter, you need one of these. They come in sportier short styles as well as the longer businessman look. It's your choice. You can't go wrong either way.
  3. Warm Hats. You have to keep your head warm. Invest in warmer hats. The scull caps are for children. You want the lined paper boy hats or even the gangster style Fedoras. Just make sure their lined.
  4. Adding a scarf. Nowadays people wear scarves because they're stylish. But guess what, they can help the cold from penetrating your coat. If you're wearing a dress coat, use a scarf to line you neck and chest area. Make sure the scarf matches or at least compliments the coat.
  5. The sweater, shirt combo. The nice form fitting sweater and collared shirt combo is always a great winter outfit idea that looks stylish. You could even add a scarf to this combo if you wanted. The best part is the fact that the sweater, collared shirt combo looks just as good with a nice pair of jeans as it does with some cool slacks.
  6. Nice gloves. Choose a pair of gloves that go with your dress coat. Leather gloves are always the best. Stay away from those bulky skiing gloves. A nice pair of gloves goes well with any winter outfit.
  7. The turtleneck. Yeah, these things are harder to blend into a nice winter outfit ensemble. Most of the time, turtlenecks have obnoxiously sized, well turtlenecks. When choosing one of these things, you need to be careful. First of all, you want the turtleneck to be as minimal as possible. You also want the overall shirt to fit close to your body. This way you can throw an over coat or a blazer over it. Those bulky turtlenecks need to be tossed out.
  8. Socks. Don't overlook the importance of some nice, warm socks in the winter time. You can't really do much with shoes. And, you don't want to wear bulky boots to keep your feet warm unless you truly have to. But, some stylish thermal socks, which will be hidden, will keep you warm. If they do happen to peak from under your pants, they'll look good. It's a win-win situation.
  9. Sunglasses in the winter? Yes, sunglasses in the winter. Just because it's cold doesn't mean the sun isn't coming out. Throw on some nice shades with a nice knit hat and you'll be styling quite nicely. Depending, of course, the rest of your winter ensemble.
  10. Put it together. Take elements of each of the previous ideas and create your own unique style. For example, the sweater, collared shirt combo with a cool Peacoat is hot. Then add a decent hat, some shades and some nice gloves and you're golden. Just play around until you come up with something cool.
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