10 Women To Avoid

Yes, there are 10 women to avoid during your search for love. Be it past negative experiences with ex lovers or some other bad incident, there are some damaged women out there. The problem is, you can't tell the damage just by looking at them. So, how do we know what women to avoid if we can't just outright read their minds? The signs. People can't help but to reveal certain things about themselves. You just need to recognize certain signs in order to avoid the wrong women. Here are ten women to avoid.

  1. The holier than thou chick. Belief in God is not a bad thing. But, women that incorporate their religious beliefs into every single aspect of their lives are hiding something. You know the types. These are the chicks that can condemn anything and everyone for not following the good book the way she does. Why is she a woman to be avoided? Most people that use religion to elevate themselves over others are battling with their own sins and have a cemetery's worth of skeletons in their own closet.
  2. The victim.  "Every guy I've ever dated is a dog". Now we all know dudes can be jerks, but every single guy? Red flag. Avoid this woman like the plague. If every relationship she's ever had sucked, then you have to wonder what part she played in making them suck.
  3. The Drama Queen. She's not happy if she doesn't have something to be mad about. Later on she'll be picking at you constantly. "You don't do this, you don't do that. Tony wouldn't treat me this way". Any way to get a negative rise out of you, she'll try it. Drop this one quick.
  4. The covert racist. This is the chick that's only going out with you because you're white, or black or whatever. She's only digging you because of some favorable stereotype going on about you. You're more of the "it thing" to have than a boyfriend. You can tell these types because they make you the ambassador to your race by constantly questioning you about racial differences.
  5. The Velcro girl. It's ok to be affectionate and want to spend lots and lots of time with your significant other. But, when you've just met the chick and she's blowing up your phone constantly you need to take notice. There could be a number of negative reasons that she's stalking you. One, she has no life. Two, she has no other outlets but you. You shouldn't be her only source of enjoyment or happiness in the world. Beware, chicks like this will attach to you like a fungus. You'll wake up one day and realize that your entire life is hers.
  6. The Fast Forward Woman. You met her yesterday and you're getting married next Tuesday. These are the women that are trying to use you to get over something negative in their past… namely an ex. If a woman's quick to speed up your relationship it usually means she's using you to purge thoughts of her past life out of her system. You've been warned, avoid this woman.
  7. The manipulator. She makes you feel guilty for handling your responsibilities instead of giving her all your time. Maybe she cries when you tell her you have to work late. Maybe she get's between you and your family … for no reason. Say goodbye quick.
  8. Green eyed girl. The jealous type. Does she hate all of your female friends? Does she get pissed if some girl happens to walk through your field of vision? Does she question any and every interaction you have with other women? If you've answered yes, you know what to do. 
  9. The Golddigger. The name is self explanatory. If she's caught up in what you have, that means she wants it. If you're cool with this type of girl, you better make sure your money stacks like Donald Trump because she will be spending it.
  10. BBD girl. The bigger better deal girl. She's cousins to the golddigger. Sure she's with you now, but she's always on the hunt. The girl that doesn't acknowledge you and your feelings unless it's convenient for her. Yeah, get her lost.
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